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How frequently are you using the retin a micro? Maybe you are using it to frequently. I've been using RAM for a little over 5 weeks now and went about it very conservatively. Every third night for 5 weeks, and just recently up to every other night. Not much peeling, no reddness, no burning. On the other hand, I am just now starting the intitial breakout period and I wonder if I would be done with it by now it I was a bit more aggressive.

I'm looking for a new moistuizer myself. My skin has been very oily while on RAM and my current moisturizer isn't helping. (I had very dry skin this summer). I am seeing my dermatologist on friday and I am going to ask him for a recommendation. The RAM website recommends neutrogenia healthy defense spf 30. But I like spf 15 better. The 30ies don't seem to blend as well.
I never used Aquafor on the face, but it is good for really dry cracking skin. (I have used it on my eczema). What do you use during the day?
yea, mine is cracking too. i can tell its already healing from the ointment. it feels so good on. i really have to rub it in though b/c of the shine. you could break out since there is mineral oil in it, but mine was so dry i dont care. why is RAM making your skin oily? is it b/c it gets worse b4 it gets better? also, i found that almay makes a nice waterproof tinted moisturizer. btw, i was using RAM everynight (pea-size). i might try your method.

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