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Re: My First Cysts
Aug 10, 2005
This might sound stupid on my part, but...

as obsessed as I am with my skin, I am not sure if I get real cysts or not. I don't see a dermatologist right now (lack of $), so I haven't been "diagnosed."
What I do know is that I get large pimples on my cheeks that sometimes start under the skin and seem to swell the area surrounding the pimple. That sounds to me like what a cyst is, yes?

I wish I had an answer for you Smartpants. Acne is so evasive and ever changing. I must say that when I think about the history of my acne, it would seem totally plausible that you could develop cystic acne even if you'd just had regular old pimples for a long time. But don't freak :)
I have to say, I am begining to wonder about all these acne treatments. The worst my skin has been was when I was using skin care designed for acne (otc with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) and it improves when I treat it kindly and gently. I know for me hormones play a huge part, and when I went off the pill my skin went INSANE! this happened to me when I was 18, and so I went back on the pill. Then I went off again last year (at 27) and it was even worse. But almost a year later, things are improving and I'm wondering if it just takes time.

I don't know...a bit off your topic Smartpants, but this is where my thoughts are taking me today.

How long have you been dealing with acne?

As to the cystic/noncystic concern, I think that you could just be having the initial breakout that they always say comes with the more intense topical treatments. And does that mean you'll have cystic acne later on? Not necessarily, but unfortunately for all of us, there seem to be no guarantees.

I don't think I'm much help today, sorry.
Let us know how things progress.

Anyone else?

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