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Re: My First Cysts
Aug 10, 2005

Thanks for the response. I guess my biggest fear is that this medication may not only not work (which I had thought would be worst case scenerio), but may actually transform my once relatively mild/moderate acne into severe cystic acne!! That is the LAST thing I want. I havent even been able to use the med in a few days after getting a sunburn on the weekend (my own stupidity - should have listened to the warning about sun sensitivity). But i think you are right, a lot of these meds/OTC products do nothing but irritate matters worse!! At one point i had just started using benzoyl peroxide, which i hoped was going to solve all my problems but just made it worse and worse. After tryign a few other products I stopped EVERYTHING and used just water to wash with twice a day and things cleared up. That is my plan tonight - I still have an outbreak cluster on either sides of my mouth and chin...I'm hoping if i just leave them alone they will go away!

As to how I'm coping with all this - NOT well! It has basically ruined my summer. I've taken every Friday off work, in hopes of being able to enjoy long weekends but with the exception of maybe one weekend, all the others ive been stuck inside. Luckily ive been able to fit a few dates in there when my face was presentable (not clear, but presentable), but now taht it is back to this way im refusing to see the guys for a second date! (i just ignore phone calls and make excuses when they do get ahold of me). Like I said in my dentist post yesterday, i just HATE how this affects every aspect of my life.

How are you?


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