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The iPLEDGE system set in place is for the publics' protection. Both male & female users of accutane, as well as doctors, pharmacies and wholesale suppliers will be required to register. As well as severe birth defects caused by accutane use, there are also physchiatric side effects which include depression and suicide. Hence, having males register also. You can check this on the FDA website.
Many drugs have been found to cause severe unwanted side effects, and are either pulled from market or severly limited in their use. In the 50's women were prescribed thalidimide for morning sickness, and hundreds, if not thousands, of children were born without limbs. While thalidimide still has its' use today, it is not used in pregnant women.
Recently, male impotence drugs have been linked to death & blindness, but are still in use. The list goes on & on.
All drugs come with side effects, some minor. Some major. An informed public is essential. Your health should be your first priority.
While most people fight acne at some time or other in their lives, it won't cause irreversible damage to you health. And while the embarrasment it can cause can be disabling, "curing" it with harmful drugs doesn't seem worth it. I had bad acne as a teenager and am going thru it again now at the age of 50.
There are other drug choices to treat severe acne, but it's up to the sufferer to be well informed about the choices and choose the one that will help without having unwanted or even life-threatening side effects.

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