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I have been using Silkia Camellia Oil for about three weeks now along with Epidermx microdermabrasion cream. The camellia oil really helps fade red marks in my opinion, and it did not break me out. I find it to be a bit oily on my face for daytime use, but I use it anyway but blot before I put on makeup. It helps makeup go on much smoother. I put a ton of it on before bed and do not blot. Lately I have been waking up with NO OIL on my face! Keep in mind, I am VERY acne prone and usually pretty oily. I love this product. Along with the Epidermx, my skin has been clearing beautifully (knock on wood) and oiliness has reduced by half.

Even though you have oily skin, it's still important to moisturize. The camellia oil will help keep your skin balanced, which is essential to preventing breakouts! Plus, it is all natural with no added chemicals or synthetic crud like most OTC products contain.

You can buy it online, make sure to buy either Silkia brand or Epiderm, these are the highest quality camellia oils you can get.
Before the epidermx i had very large pores, blackheads gallore, cysts/acne along the jaw line and some fine lines on my forehead (and I'm only freakin 17!!!)

The first day I used the epidermx you could see a dramatic difference in my pores. They werent as large, my skin wasnt as oily, and overall my face felt very smooth. Over the next couple of weeks (within a month) I have very FEW pores/blackheads that are noticable, the acne along my jawline is no longer there, and I rarely ever have any breakouts...and when I do break out it is tiny pimple here and there. The redness is gone from my face, my face doesn't get as oily anymore throughout the day, and my face is firm, smooth, and way in better shape!

I use the epidermx daily. It's key to achieving quick and great results. There are two ways to use the epidermx. You can use it as a daily scrub (I use it once in the morning after washing with the tea tree bar made by epiderm, and once before I go to sleep after washing with the tea tree bar again) for 10-15 seconds. You can use it as a facial treatment since the epidermx is really a microdermabrasion, where you section out parts of your face while your skin is damp (when the skin is wet it activates the corrundum crystals in the product to soak in all dead skin cells and allowing the skin to create new ones). You gently massage (I stress the word gentle because the results will be the same if you think massaging it really hard into the skin will make the product work more, all that does is make your skin red afterwards from scrubbing too harsh) while your skin sucks in the cream part of the product. It will dry and begin to ball up, this is the microdermabrasion process. The corrundum crystals are soaking up the dead skin cells and literally rolling off the face to make way for new ones! It works wonderful for blackheads and bringing dull skin to a brighter new level. After each section is done with the treatment (it takes about 30 minutes or so to do the whole face as a treatment) you rinse away what is left of the product.

You can apply Derma Butter (what I am using currently, an amazing moisturizer that helps prevent eviormental damage) or Camellia Seed Oil...(a product I'm soon to try hopefully!)

I don't know of anywhere else to buy these products besides online, but I assure you if you research Epidermx and find "Amy"...their service is absolutely amazing!!!!

If you tell her about your skin she will also recommend what to use as far as cleansing bars, moisturizers, and the epidermx.

Epidermx is considered to be used as a little project when received, you can use it any which way you want. I know some people on here that use it as a treatment daily or just as a facial scrub at night. It's really versatile, and whatever works for your skin you will find out by experimenting different ways to use it!

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