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Hi Smartpants,

I totally feel your pain! About a week and a half ago I had the worst breakout of my life. I HATED wearing my hair up for work (I'm a server) because my cheeks were covered in huge lumpy cysts, I felt so disgusting. On my days off I wore my hair in my face to try and cover everything. Ohhh it was so horrible!! I cried myself to sleep practically every night...started getting really depressed.

However, I have a regimen going right now that completely cleared me of this nasty breakout and I haven't had a new zit in about four days now (knock on wood, that is REALLY good for me!). So I will pass this information on to you, maybe some/all of the following can help you also?

I've been on Ampicillin for approx. one month

Fish Oil, 3000 mg
Flax Seed Oil, 2,000 mg
Evening Primrose Oil, 2,000 mg
Milk Thistle, 400 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid, 600 mg
Vitamin E, 800 mg
Vitamin A, 15,000 IU

Daily Routine:
*Wash with Epiderm Tea Tree Oil Bar
*Scrub for 30 seconds using Epidermx
*Apply Silkia Camellia Oil

*Wash with Epiderm Tea Tree Oil Bar
*Epidermx full microdermabrasion treatment, 30 minutes
*Apply Silkia Camellia Oil
*Spot treat with Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Keep in mind, I have always had extremely persistent and stubborn acne... this new regimen is working WONDERS, **PLUS** it's "that time of the month" and I'm STILL clear right now...amazing. I know that what works for some doesn't always work for all, but if you haven't tried some of the products/supplements I mentioned, it can't hurt to try. Seriously, during that breakout, I thought I was doomed... I felt so alone and depressed. But now the good ol' Cassie is breaking through again!!

Keep in mind we are all here for you, to support you and to be a shoulder to cry on. Keep your hopes up, I am praying for you :)

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