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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]Rachel123[/COLOR], I don't like to be the one to tell you this, but I believe chocolate [I]will[/I] promote the outbreak of new acne, unless it is quality 75-85% cocoa solid chocolate (which you probably don't like because it's bitter!). But it's not really chocolate that promotes acne, it's [COLOR=DarkOrange]sugar[/COLOR].

Sugar is inflammatory and when ingested it causes a surge in [COLOR=DarkOrange]insulin[/COLOR] production (insulin is the hormone that enables the metabolism of sugar). In turn, this increases [COLOR=DarkOrange]sebum[/COLOR] (oil) production because it is accompanied by the insulin-like growth factor, [COLOR=DarkOrange]IGF-1[/COLOR], which encourage the production of [COLOR=DarkOrange]male hormones[/COLOR]. And the more oil you have, the more likely it is your pores will become clogged with acne-causing [COLOR=DarkOrange]bacteria[/COLOR].

However, I believe we don't have to be so sensitive to that surge in insulin. Check out my thread "[COLOR=Indigo]Digestive System Cleanse to Eliminate Acne[/COLOR]" to see how I have achieved this. Also check out "[COLOR=Indigo]ACNE: The New Theory[/COLOR]" to learn much more about what I have just said :)


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