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I wanted to post this, b/c I figured if this has been working for me, then it may work for others. I saw the posting about the aloe vera gel and I decided to try. Here is my regimen...

Every morning and night I wash with DDF Blemish foaming cleanser ( a medicated cleanser mixed with natural botanicals. This is not a strong medicated cleanser b/c it doesn't have a percentage value on the salyctic acid, but it one of the ingredients that are in there.

Every other morning, I use the DDF Acne Pucice Scrub. This has benzol peroxide in it.

After cleansing, twice a day I use DDF 10% glycolic toner.

Recently added to my regimen and had has made a complete difference is ALOE VERA GEL. I use this twice a day after cleansing. My brand of choice is Fruit of the Earth.

Now to be honest, I do not have extreme acne, but I am the person that breaks out after eating a candy bar, fried foods, etc. I am also the person that always gets whiteheads. The whiteheads usually pop and then leave terrible scars. I KNOW that it is the Aloe Vera gel b/c upon use in the first day I saw a difference. It's been about 2 weeks now and my scars have been fading. Also, and here is the key, to test it it, I decided to eat whatever I wanted. Now I know that this was pretty dangerous and a risk, but I had to see if the aloe vera was that strong. After a whole week of eating chocolate, ice cream, you name it, all of things that have broken me out before ( or so I thought) with the use of the aloe vera gel, I haven't been breaking out at all! I honestly can't even believe, b/c for one I had this in my house for months and never used, and for two that simply adding that to my regimen has made such a difference! Now, it could also be the combination of all the products that I am using. But as I stated before, I was using those products before and while for the most part they kept me clear, they didn't prevent whiteheads for me after heating terribly. So I know that it is the aloe vera.

Good Luck to all of You and Please Post Your Results :)

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