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[QUOTE=skimom]wow - it must have been pretty mild. My dd is going on a month with not much improvement. I think she's using differin too and another cleanser in the morning.[/QUOTE]

well, my skin is really pale (I guess the word for it is "fair"), and so pimples REALLY stand out. it makes it look worse than what it probably really is. but i hate it nonetheless. every pimple I got (which was like 5 or 6 at a time) was the deep, sore kind that take weeks to go away completely. i never get the shallow white/blackheads that go away in a day.
i have tried almost everything over the counter, and nothing makes blemishes heal as fast as proactiv. i guess im the type that the product works for.
one thing i noticed though, before i started using proactiv, i had a little hard bump under my skin.. it wasnt red or scabbed or anything. just a bump. i didnt want to mess with it, because i knew if i did, it would explode and take forever to heal. but using proactiv now for almost 2 weeks, it brought it to the surface. and it DID open and now its healing. so maybe it gets worse before it gets better? Also, i noticed that i have a bad habit of picking at my fidgeting. but i also notice that if i work hard not to, the stuff seems to work better. im not saying thats whats happening at all, but it helps me to make an effort to keep my hands away from my face.

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