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[QUOTE=beachluver]this is my method, and i highly reccomend you try it!!! you'll need a concealer brush, a large powder brush, concealer, and loose powder.

first of all, use good brands like JANE IREDALE, BARE MINERALS, or SHEER COVER - they wont clog your pores and do not create bacteria the cheaper brands do, which causes more breakouts. use a concealer brush and concealer(combine the colors to match your skin tone) and PAT it on top of your pimples. then use a loose powder(like JANE IREDALE, etc.) with a large, loosely bristled powder brush(a good brush is the ULTA brand powder brush) and apply LIGHTLY to your face - dont use more than about 3/4 a teaspoon of powder, otherwise it will be too obvious that you have it on! so then if it looks like your pimples need additional coverage(after you have already put the loose powder on) use the concealer brush again, but with the loose powder. lightly pat onto the pimples needing extra coverage. finally, i prefer to go over your face with the large powder brush once more to blend it all in. the powder will help make your face look not as greasy and oily. if desired, use a spray to set the foundation(you can find it online) to give you a nice glow, that isnt oily.

you should definately check out the jane iredale website. i use it, and it is the only foundation i have EVER used!!!! its provides great coverage, its lightweight, and hardly noticeable. I LOVE IT!!!! PLEASE TRY IT!!!! let me know how this method works for you!

actually you are wrong the mineral foundations you just mentioned contain bismuth oxychloride, which irriates and clogs some types of skin, it also makes the foundation shinier, which is awful for people with large pores. I say go with aromaleigh minerals, they dont have this ingredient, and are less need to take out a loan to buy jane iredale. they will also send you sample sizes at minimal cost so you can find the right color without having to buy a whole jar. their concealer is the best thing i have foound for covering redness, nothing else comes close. also when i fall asleep in the concealer or oil absorbing powders, my skin looks better the next day, my pores look smaller.
I am really interested in trying this Jane Iredale makeup, but I am SOOO SKEPTICAL on how good the coverage really is??! I can't see how a powder can cover that well, I guess since I have been using liquid foundation all my life. I need to use a pretty good amount of liquid foundation, powder, then more foundation, then powder, so on and so on to completely cover some of my red marks. Can a mineral powder foundation really do the same thing and still look natural??? Seriously great is the coverage at covering post acne marks and active red acne?

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