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I just purchased Epidermx, Camellia oil, and derma butter. I'm going to start using it tonight but I want some advice before I begin.

How often should I use the products? My skin is not terrible but my chin does tend to break out and recently the pimples have left some red marks.

Can some other users give me an idea of how they use the products, how often, and in what order.

I really appreciate everyone's help. It's because of this board I even found out about this product in the first place.

Hi Nicole!

I have been using Epidermx, Camellia Oil, and Derma Butter for about three weeks now and I am IN LOVE WITH THESE PRODUCTS!! I was about to go on a second round of Accutane when I decided to try these products as a last resort. Am I ever glad I did! The five cysts I had on each cheek (10 cysts total) all disappeared and the red marks from previous breakouts are significantly reduced. It is seriously a miracle regimen, I can't say enough about Epiderm products.

Here is what I do:

Wash face with Epiderm Tea Tree Oil bar
Scrub for one minute using Epidermx, then rinse
Apply Camellia Oil

Wash face with Epiderm Tea Tree Oil bar
Do FULL Epidermx microdermabrasion treatment (total time: 30 minutes)
Apply Camellia Oil around my eyes, then Derma Butter over entire face

Yes, I do the full microdermabrasion treatment every single night, even though the directons say *at least* 2-3 times a week. I talked to Amy, the head honcho over there at Epiderm and she said it's a very versitle product, if your skin feels good using it every night, go ahead and do it! If you feel a little too dry using it as a treatment each night, cut back a little. It's whatever works best for you.

But I must say, the way I have been using it has helped my skin 100%. I am in amazement. I am going to buy this stuff in bulk from now on! Good luck with it and I hope it does your skin well like it has mine :)
hey I have a question for all you Epiderm users.. how are the Tea tree oil bars, and the derma butter? I'm definately ordering the epidermx soon w/ the camellia oil... i'm just wondering if I should really invest in the tea tree oil and derma butter.. thankyoU!!!!
Your face SHOULD be damp. Depending on how much product you should section off parts of your face if doing it as a treatment, for instance, forehead, cheeks, nose, those independently until the product begins to ball up, which is the microdermabrasion process, the product is sucking up all of your dead skin cells with the corrundum crystal and literally allowing them to fall off for new skin cells to be created. This is why you are seeing the "flakey skin" coming off, its the product and dead skin cells. Your whole face should take about 30 minutes or so to do the whole treatment if done independently in sections. If you notice the product is balling up too quickly (each section of the face should take approximately 3-5 minutes before beginning to ball up), then add a little more water until you achieve the correct results. Afterwards, rinse off the excess product (the balled up material that hasnt fallen off the face and into the sink) with warm water, pat dry...and if needed apply a moisturizer (preferrably derma butter or camellia seed oil).

If you are using it as a scrub, your face should be damp, and only use about a dime/nickel size amount like a normal facial scrub for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

I hope this helps!
i'm currently using a lotion that makes my skin absolutely glow... literally. My face looks wonderfully shiny, but not in an oily way, due to the lotion. The problem is, although it is non-comodegnic, oil-free, fragrance free etc, it is still un-natural (the product is Almay Milk face lotion, by the way.. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who's not afraid of chemicals)... once I order the epidermx, camellia oil, and tea tree bar... I'm wondering if I should order the derma butter... how did it effect others skin?
[QUOTE=goldenseal]i'm currently using a lotion that makes my skin absolutely glow... literally. My face looks wonderfully shiny, but not in an oily way, due to the lotion. The problem is, although it is non-comodegnic, oil-free, fragrance free etc, it is still un-natural (the product is Almay Milk face lotion, by the way.. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who's not afraid of chemicals)... once I order the epidermx, camellia oil, and tea tree bar... I'm wondering if I should order the derma butter... how did it effect others skin?[/QUOTE]

I think the Derma Butter would give you the results you are looking for. When I use it after doing the Epidermx treatment, it leaves my skin looking healthy and glowy, with just the right amount of moisture for my skin. The consistency of it seems thick, but when put it on your face it melts right into your skin beautifully. Hasn't made me break out at all, and I am VERY ACNE prone. My skin looks soooo healthy right now! I've actually ventured outside lately without makeup on...!!!!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: Or, if you don't want to order the Derma Butter right away, you can always request a sample of it with your order of the other products if you get it from the Greatnewskin site. Each order you place you get free goodies of Epiderm products, and during the checkout process online there is a place for you to comment, and in that box you can just request a dermabutter sample. My sample lasted me about a week! A little goes a long way. Okay I am starting to sound like an informercial
I just ordered the epidermx and camellia seed oil. Can't wait!
How long did it take for you guys to receive it (I ordered from Goldport Beauty)?
Ok, Cassie got me hooked on the Epidemx thing and I ordered mine a couple days ago....can't wait! But, Question...I got the Camellia Oil with it, so, should I see if that is enough for a moisturizer before purchasing the DermaButter? It seems like the oil and the butter might be too much moisture??? Am I wrong?
THanks in advance! :bouncing:

I don't use the dermabutter and camellia oil at the same time because yeah that would probably be a bit too much! I use the camellia oil in the morning and the dermabutter at night. Sometimes at night I will put the camellia oil around my eyes and then apply derma butter all over.

Both offer the skin wonderful benefits. The camellia oil has properties similar to AHA's and Retinol, and gently exfoliates the skin at the cellular level. It aids in plumping wrinkles, acne scars, and indents. It helps balance oil levels on your skin and can shrink the appearance of pores.

The derma butter is a great protectant for the skin and is packed with lots of antioxidants and fruit extracts that are beneficial for overall skin health and keeping free radicals at bay! It makes my skin feel very smooth. Sooo, that is why I use both, because they both offer different benefits.

Yup I was skeptical of Epiderm stuff at first, but Patriot is who got me hooked :) It's been close to a month now and my skin looks grrrreeeeaat!! No pimples or cysts right now at all! (again, knock on wood!!) Yaaay!
Hi everyone!!!!:)
I got my epidermx and camellia oil in the mail today!!! I am so excited to try them.
I do have one question that has probably been addressed, but I'm asking anyway....
The oil comes in a spray bottle, do you all spray it directly onto your face? How much of the camellia oil do you use, if you had to estimate? And do you just leave it on your skin and let it absorb, or do you blot it with a tissue?
Please, thank you!
Wish me luck....;)
Hey there amo,
Glad to hear you finally received your products! Let's see, the camellia oil comes in a spray bottle, but when you pump it, it won't spray. Drops of the oil will ooze out, so what I do, I put two pumps into my hand and rub it all over my face. The only time I blot is if I am going to put makeup on right afterwards, otherwise I let it sit and sink in for a while. Good luck!! :):):)
greatnewskin will help you out if you email Amy. She can tell you if it helps with eczema. I think I had seen people on other message boards on that site or on goldportbeauty claiming that it did cure them of eczema. But ask Amy. She'll be honest and tell you. She's really nice.

As for the question about how much camellia oil. 2 tiny drops in your palm, dot evenly all over face and rub in with fingertips until all soaked in. And yes, do blot with a kleenex. Excess on the surface of your skin can block pores. Anytime your pores are blocked it can lead to acne so I always blot just in case. Do this throughout the day as many times as you need to if you have dry skin like me...or just twice a day if you have normal skin. Make sure to get the under-eye skin at night. It needs lots of moisture. :wave:
Thanks for the camellia oil advice Cassie and Somersault.
I just used the epidermx for the first time. Geez, does my skin feel crazy soft!

I have to say, I am totally freaked out right now...even tho it feels great on my skin, no burning or anything, I am just so afraid I'll have a bad reaction to it.
I am so totally mentally scarred from treatments gone wrong! PARANOID!
But, my skin feels real nice right now, the camellia oil went on like a dream, my skin ate it up. There was nothing to blot, even tho I tried.
Again, Thx for the advice, and keep your fingers crossed for me!!!:):):)
I just ordered Epidermx off of their ebay storefront! I also ordered the tea tree oil bar... I'm so excited. Amo, like you, I'm completely freaked out about it! I have such sensitive skin... I'm so scared!
Thanks somersault for the suggestion...
Also, if I put toner on at night (after I wash my face), should I apply the camellia oil immediately after? Or is it bad to put so much stuff on my face.. and I should jsut do it 2to3 times a week, after performing the microdermabrasion?
[QUOTE=goldenseal]I just ordered Epidermx off of their ebay storefront! I also ordered the tea tree oil bar... I'm so excited. Amo, like you, I'm completely freaked out about it! I have such sensitive skin... I'm so scared!
Thanks somersault for the suggestion...
Also, if I put toner on at night (after I wash my face), should I apply the camellia oil immediately after? Or is it bad to put so much stuff on my face.. and I should jsut do it 2to3 times a week, after performing the microdermabrasion?

Completely cut out the toner if you are using the Epidermx!!! Using a toner after the Epidermx completely strips away all the nutrients and caprylic acid that has been deposited in your pores. Also, the epidermx leaves your skin at a perfect ph level and by using a toner, it will cause an imbalance once again. This is all what the greatnewskin site says about using another toner afterwards. :wave:
well I wouldn't use the toner after doing the microdermabrasion... only on the 4 to 5 days a week after I wash my face. Is that still OK? Or do you suggest on the days I don't do the microdermabrasion that I just wash and apply camellia oil? Also, in the mornings after I wash, should I apply camellia oil and [I]then[/I] lotion? or should I just wash and apply either the camellia oil or lotion?

sorry for all the questions... but i appreciate the answers! :D
Okay, I'm sorry...but this stuff is awesome! Of course, I've literally only used it three times (as a full treatment) with camellia oil after, but my skin already looks totally different. I had a MONSTER forming under the skin on my chin. It's already going down (without having surfaced). The marks I have from old acne that cover my cheeks had started to fade when I started using capsiderm (which I still use and love) but in three days, they are completely flat, and the color is....I don't know what percentage to use, but A LOT better!
I know I shouldn't rave about something so soon into using it, I've just honestly never had this kind of result from a topical product.
Is anyone else using Epidermx with Capsiderm?
Right now I am washing with the capsiderm in the a.m., and I use the body shop tea tree oil bar before I to the epidermx at night.
What do other people do for their routine?
Hi all you fellow Epidermx users!

I was wondering how many of you use dermabutter as your moisturizer instead of the camellia oil. And what are your thoughts on dermabutter? I emailed Amy from greatnewskin a couple days ago to tell her about my continuing dry skin situation and that Silkia Camellia oil is not enough moisture for my face. She is sending me samples of her own camellia seed oil and dermabutter. She told me to first apply the camellia oil and then the dermabutter on top of that because the camellia oil will allow the dermabutter to soak deeper into my pores. I should probably get them in the mail tomorrow. Does anyone do this same treatment? I'm especially curious about people's reactions to the dermabutter. Did it break you out initially? I'm kinda down right now because after describing my severe dry skin problem to Amy she was concerned that I may have a skin psoriasis or scleroderma. I researched them on the internet but I don't have the symptoms described for either of those. But the last few years I've wondered if I may have some form of a skin disorder. I told Amy her products are my last hope. If I don't make major improvements within 6 months I'm going to have to shell out the big bucks for a dermatologist. And right now that's just not an option. Anyway, any comments on dermabutter would be appreciated. Thanks to all of you guys...especially to those who told me about Epidermx. So far its been the only thing to help me with my blackheads and clogged pores after a decade of using everything under the sun.

A good heavy moisturizer is Aquaphor or the Cetaphil cream. You can put either over the Silkia oil. I've found this to be very hydrating when my skin gets very dry. You can also buy a hyaluronic acid serum and put it under the camellia oil, then Aquaphor or Cetaphil on top. This 3 combo will surely keep you moisturized.
YAY!!!! I just got my three tea tree oil bars, camellia seed oil, epidermx and dermabutter sample! I'm so happy and excited.. you have no idea:P I'll definately share my results and progress with you all.. I have a really good feeling about this! By the way, for those of you who ordered and are wondering how long it will take to arrive... mine came in three days:)
No real reason :)
I just didn't want to overdo it, and my acne was bad, but not severe, and the capsiderm web site said to use it once a day and if you don't see results, up it to twice a day (unless acne is severe). I was seeing results from once a day, so why mess with that, right?! And then the bottle will last me longer! So I use it in the a.m. because I just started the Epidermx in the p.m., and I wanted to use something very mild before my treatments (because I wasn't sure how my skin would react).
So that's how I ended up doing it, but if people are liking the capsiderm/epidermx combo, I might switch. Or, I may continue doing what I'm doing since my skin is looking so much better.

I was going to try the epiderm tea tree, but I wanted it NOW, so I bought it locally. But I will definately order some soon. Thanks....:)
That is a bummer about the capsiderm (don't throw it out tho, maybe try again some other time)...I have been's great that these products are working for us, but what happens when we stop? Like, you didn't do any epidermx treatments for 2 days, and some new cysts showed up. ARGH! I mean, great that this stuff works, but dang...will we have to use it forever?
Not to be a downer:)

I have found the camellia oil to be the perfect amount of moisture for my skin, so I have no advice on that one for you...sorry!!!!
Patriot thankyou! You been such a wonderful helper:) From what I gathered out of your post, I think it could either have been the circular motion I used, or the fact that I don't have alot of dead skin cells on the top layer of my skin (maybe it has to do with the fact that I"m only 16?). Nevertheless, I think it worked!

I woke this morning in awe and glee. My skin tone looks MUCH more evened out... the 2 small pimples that had just slowly begun to form are now fading... and some really deep scars (they just look like under the surface discoloration... red) look 10% better. From afar, my skin look like silk, literally. Upclose, I still have my knicks here and there, but they have been greatly improved!

I am in love with this product, and AMAZED to see such fast results (after my first use!!!!)!!!!!

Haha... does anyone know if I can use the camellia oil day and night, as a subsitute for a moisturizer? Will that break me out? Will that suffice?
Ok, I got my Epidermx/Camellia the beginning of the week. I have another question(you guys have been tremendously helpful :wave: ) Anyhow, I have only used the epidermx twice as the microdermabrasion and the Camellia every evening. I would like to start using the Epidermx as a scrub too. How often do all of you do this, every night? Also, does it replace a cleanser (to remove makeup) as a scrub or do you scrub after cleansing....
Thanks Again All!!
I cleanse my face, then use it as a 15-30 second scrub (or as long as you prefer, some do it for a minute!) afterwards morning AND night. The Epidermx is very versatile, you can mix up how you use it and when you use it to see what works best with your skin! You can use it as a scrub nightly, or in the morning alone, or can use it in replace of a face wash or just use it after washing the face (I suggest washing the face before hand with one of EpiDerm's face bars {tea tre oil for oily/acne, spa clay if you want to combat oil but are afraid to be too dried up, and oatmeal for just dryness of the skin!}). You use the scrub as it suits your skin lol. I found doing it in the morning and nightly to be increasing the results though, which is why I use it morning and nightly. Sometimes I skip here and there when I'm running late or something, but it's okay cuz I've already done it once in the day so I dont feel bad!!!

I havent tried the Camellia Oil yet. I still am scraping up money (just had to pay for school fees, grrr, 121 dollars out of my pocket!)
OMG! My skin is having a really bad reaction to it!!! HELP!!!!! I don't have acne, but I get whiteheads... this product made me get whiteheads aLL over my forehead (I only had about 7 on my forehead before)... and TONS around my chin... a specific place that I've never gotten whiteheads before. Could it be the tea tree oil bar? THe epidermx (I've done it twice so far... two days in a row)... or the camellia oil? OR the 'initial breakout" OR an allergic reaction?? :O I don't know what to do! Any suggestions? HAs this happened to anyone else?
That's strange. I've never heard of the Epidermx causing a reaction like this. I'm thinking it's the Camellia Oil? Everyone I have known using the TTO bar and Epidermx haven't had a break out, and me either, we aren't using the Camellia that's my assumption. Talk to Amy, she will help!!!!
Yeah... exactly same thing I felt the first night.. unfortunately... I apparantly have some sort of allergic reaction to either the tea tree cleansing bar, camellia oil or epidermx! :( Good luck...
I got my samples of camellia seed oil and dermabutter a few days ago. Amy was so generous...she gave me a full bottle of camellia seed oil free! And two sample size pots of dermabutter!

I have to say that both of these are already starting to work for me. It gives me hope that my severe dry skin can be healed! My skin is drinking in these two moisturizers. I can actually feel it soaking into the deepest layers of skin! That never happened before with any of my other moisturizers!

I like the camellia seed oil better than the Silkia brand. It's actually softer and soaks deeper! And I can't believe I was living without the dermabutter all this time!!! Hooray for these products!!
Is the dermabutter light? I don't think the camellia oil is for me as a daily thing. I am using it around my eyes right now, and that's it.
A week into using epidermx and the oil, I really started to breakout. Tons of whiteheads. But not an allergic reaction, that I can tell. So I stopped using the oil, and it calmed right down. Maybe I should ask for a sample of the dermabutter, do they do that if you aren't ordering something else?
Anyone else feel like their skin didn't like the camellia oil?

Otherwise, my skin is improving everyday. My forehead and temples have opened into a few pimples scattered about, it used to be just little bumbs that I though were possibly millia. I am hoping that this area is purging, and it'll eventually clear up.
Anyone feel like their skin purged like this?
Yes, the dermabutter is very light and soaks in really fast to the deepest layers of skin. I'm using it the way Amy told me to since I have severe dry skin...I put the camellia seed oil on first. rub that in. then the dermabutter. Amy told me that the dermabutter could penetrate farther into the pores if the camellia seed oil is put on first. But this is probably too much moisture for you guys. You can put camellia seed oil in the morning and dermabutter at night or vice versa.

Neither one is supposed to clog pores, but everyone's skin is different. I noticed that the places where I already had acne got a little irritated, but then subsided. I didn't break out in new acne from these moisturizers. My skin is getting a lot softer. I hope these cure me of my dry skin.
I have been using this product for about three weeks.

I am just on the other side of a delayed initial outbreak. It came around my chin, right cheek and forehead.

The breakout seemed to be semi-superficial whiteheads that seemed to swell and become spongy like. It looked horrible.

The facial mask has been an incredible addition to the epidermx, derma butter and camellia oil.

I backed off on the camellia oil for about a week as my skin was going through so much change.

One of you mentioned having a bad breakout. I am allergic to tea tree oil and it sounds very much like what happened to me when I used tea tree oil. You may want to use a different cleanser. I've been using Capsiderm for cleansing and I am very very very very pleased with it.
hey guys.. remember me? I'm the one who had the allergic reaction to one of epiderm's products... and I broke out with tiny white bumps all over my chin... and forehead. my skin had never looked so bad in my life. I suppose i'm to blame (partially) for that... I completely started a new regimen! I washed w/ epiderm's tea tree oil bar... did the microdermabrasion and applied camellia oil. Unfortunately, I don't know which one was the problem! I do know that the tea tree oil bar did NOTHING for breakouts... i kept getting pimples after using it! Keep in mind... before I decided to screw w/ my skin.. I never had acne. I had a few whiteheads and blackheads and thats it. Anyway, I have since stopped w/ all three of the products, and have just been washing w/ Neutrogena's oil free acne wash (Which immediately relieved me of my budding breakouts and oily nose), and used a really gently lotion by Almay in the mornings, and spray aloe vera on during the night. It's been a week now... and only today have I seen a minor change in the allergic reaction bumps i have all over my face. Amy said it's the corrundum crystals which caused the reaction... but I'm not entirely sure. I really don't know. Anyway, I advise you all take it easy and take it slow... and always try new products out on a tiny patch of your skin, before fully using them!!!!! -goldenseal
I think it was the Camellia Oil...everyone who has experiencing the same sort of break out is using that. I have never used the Camellia Oil before and have yet to experience a break out like some have described.

The TTO bar works beautifully for me! Remember, some skin care works for people, for others it doesnt. It just depends on the type of skin we have! I wish everyone could experience the success I have made with the Epiderm's products.
well... i've used the camellia oil since thenk, on certain parts of my skin... and nothing happened. but aybe it was from the amount i put on before? Or maybe my skin was reacting to a whole new skin care line in one day... and two microdermabrasions in a row! i may never know... but i'm really tempeted to try the epidermx in like a month or so... or one cheek or something... just to see how it goes. i really am dissapointeed... cause it means i may never get rid of these dreaded black heads and white heads.. and scars!!!:(
Oh no!!! :eek: Something went terribly wrong!! I take back all the good things I said about dermabutter!!! I was on it for a week along with the camellia seed oil and at first I was getting good results, but the last 3 days my face has taken a major turn for the worse!! Who was it that described it as "spongy"? That's how my face feels now...spongy!!! Little flesh colored bumps all over my face and even my delicate under-eye area!!! I've never broken out there before!!! Now I wish I'd never used the dermabutter!! I know it's not the camellia oil because I've been using camellia oil for months now with good results (albeit a different brand) But I like this new camellia seed oil better than the Silkia brand. ANd I still stick by Epidermx. But the dermabutter...what kind of moisturizer makes you spongy? I swear I have little spongy bumps all over my face now. When I run my fingers down my face it also feels kinda rubbery. It's disgusting! Spongy and rubbery are the only words that describe it. I'm so glad I didn't waste 30 bucks buying the dermabutter and could tell my results just from the free samples. It may be the fact that I was using the camellia seed oil and dermabutter back to back, but that's what Amy told me to do since I have severe dry skin. Now I not only still have severe dry skin but spongy bumpy skin as a toad!! I just feel like crying. It only takes a few days to destroy your skin but weeks before you can get it back where it was before (which was bad to begin with, but trust me, this is much worse!) I'm so sorry if my comments before made anyone buy the dermabutter. That's why I'm back to warn you all. Get a sample before you purchase. I'm just going to stick with the camellia seed oil for now. At least I know it was doing some good for my skin. And also, how I knew it was the dermabutter...the last few times I used it my face would automatically turn red :o after rubbing it in gently. It's not the camellia oil, definitely the dermabutter.
Sorry Patriot and to anyone else about what I earlier said about dermabutter. But don't worry about the sincerity in my posts. I'm still in love with Epidermx and camellia oil, and I did say that in my last post.

A few days ago I said good things about dermabutter but I made it clear that I had just gotten the dermabutter a couple days before and that it was just a sample I was trying. And I was sincere about the effects of it when I made my post a few days ago. My skin was really starting to improve...seriously and getting ultra soft too. The "sudden change in heart" isn't because I'm just messing with you guys but that my skin took a Huge turn for the worse in a matter of hours... just three days ago. I still kept using the dermabutter for one more day afterward just to see but it got severely worse then. Yesterday I stopped it altogether. Today I've just used the camellia seed oil. Sorry if anyone went out and bought this product, but I did say in my original post that I did not buy it myself and was testing a sample, which I advise anyone to do beforehand since these are expensive products. But don't worry about my sincerity about Epidermx and camellia oil. I've been on these products for months now and I still stand by them, which I mentioned when I complained in my last post about the dermabutter. They are the Absolute Best Products I've ever used. The dermabutter didn't agree well with me though, and I know that it's not just some initial reaction because my face has never been "spongy" and covered in bumps like this from any kind of product, not even the things I'm allergic to.

So sorry guys if anyone went out and bought the dermabutter because of me. That's why I came here quickly to warn everyone...but I really was justified in my initial comments of how great it was doing for my face since I specifically said I had only been on it a couple of days. Anything can happen a few days later with a product and most people with facial problems understand that. I'm just glad I tried a sample first. Please everyone do the same. And some people here have had actual wonderful results with the dermabutter and they have used it for a substantial period of time. So everyone's different. I just wanted to come back and tell what recently happened to me with it so people wouldn't get mad if the same thing happens to them and I didn't warn anyone.

But please everyone know that I am 100% sincere about Epidermx and camellia oil. I've been on them long enough to know that I will stick with these products the rest of my life (or as long as they're in business)! Nothing has ever been as good to my skin as them.

My advice for everyone: Always try to get sample products first. With Amy this is easy. Other places may not be so nice. And with Epidermx...I've never bought a jar in all these months, though I used it regularly everyday in the past. Ebay is the way to go. You save tons of money...especially if you're only going to do two treatments a week or one every two weeks. I usually bid on 3 pots at a time.

I hope this will help everyone and sorry if I upset anybody by my "wonderful dermabutter post" a few days ago. I did ,however, say that I had just started on it so please everyone take that in consideration and don't get all put out with me. I was only trying to be helpful. I still think everyone should try the dermabutter since so many people have good results. Just get samples first. Once again, sorry.

Oh, and Amo, no it's too soon to tell if my skin will improve now that I'm off dermabutter. Right now it looks so horrid that I just want to cry. It will probably take 2-3 weeks just for me to get back to my initial "face state" I was in before I started on the dermabutter. But I have been on camellia oil now for many months...since probably late winter/early spring. So I know it's not the camellia oil. Definitely the dermabutter.
Oh, and one more thing since re-reading Patriot's post I believe there's some confusion. I have recommended Epidermx to many over the last few months...with good cause. I've had good results. I think it was Waterlily who got me to try out the Epidermx and Camellia oil. I started on the camellia oil actually way before I ever even tried Epidermx. The only times I have ever recommended dermabutter to anyone was if I was telling them that I heard others had had good results with it, but I always made it known that I had not tried it myself, and that I was just using camellia oil. I have always recommended the camellia oil to everybody. I only got the dermabutter because Patriot recommended it to me for extra moisture since the camellia oil isn't enough for my severe dry skin problem.
Oh no, I wasn't upset with your comments Patriot! :) I just thought I needed to explain what happened to me better and why I had said good things about the dermabutter in the past. I don't think I was too clear about things before in former posts. Also, I've noticed looking back through different posts over the months that things I've said about my situation and these products have been deleted by the moderator...probably before anyone ever got to read them so that's probably another reason for confusion. And I really don't know why they got deleted since I never said the website name...just manufacturer name. You have to say that with any what's up with that? Quite a few of my former posts have been deleted. The funny thing is that when I was a newbie here I listed website names. And those never got deleted! Beats me. :)

Anyway, I think I've learned now to wait at least a few weeks with a product before posting good results with it. Cause I guess anything can happen within the first few days. But who was it that broke out and didn't know if it was the Epidermx, camellia oil, or dermabutter? I remember they said that it was more than likely the Epidermx. But maybe not. It could have been the dermabutter or the camellia oil. I would advise whoever that was to try the Epidermx again with a different moisturizer to find out for sure.
I'm still thinking its the Camellia oil...i dunno why, maybe because I have never used it before and I havent broken out, but everyone who is breaking out is somehow incorporating it into their skin regimen??? I asked Amy whether or not I should use it. She said I really dont need it, therefore, I havent bought it because what I'm using now is working so well for me.

And yep, the mods are weird with the rules. A lot of people get by with posting things then all of a sudden it's like you're singled out when they delete and ban you for a week lol it's like what the hek everyone else did it and no one else got consequences! Oh welp, what can ya do! lol

Have a good day.
Hey Patriot! Funny, this is! lol! I didn't get to read your last post, but I hope you read mine. If not, know that I wasn't upset! :) Just wanted to clear everything up. Can't remember what else I wrote.

Oh whoever it was that thought they were allergic to should try it again with a different moisturizer. Cause it could actually be the dermabutter, like it affected me. Or even the camellia oil.
Okay...I am not too happy right now. I don't think my skin likes the Epidermx! And I KNOW it doesn't like the camellia oil.
Now, I am going to try using the Epidermx less, and I hope my skin will mellow out. It was getting SO much more cysts, just lots of old red spots. And then a week into using the Epi and Cam. oil, I started getting white heads, tons of 'em. So I stopped the oil, and the white heads stopped immediately. then I was using the epi as a scrub everyday (sometimes morning and night) and as a treatment 3x a week, and I was just using the oil around my eyes (for wrinkle prevention) and then my temples started breaking out like crazy.
And I never ever breakout on my's usually the only pretty skin I have! :)
And not whiteheads or anything, just small hard bumps (closed comodones?) and it itches! And along my hairline! I don't use any hair care products, I haven't changed my shampoo, and I change my pillow cases all the time!
Feels that what it felt like for those of you who had bad reactions?

So now I am going to cut down to just the treatment 3x a week, no scrubbing, no camellia oil at all.
What do you all think? Did I just overdo it?
It seemed like some people were using it that much, if not more and no problems!
But, everyone is different, this I know... I am sad :(

And also, I have been using Capsiderm since before the epi and oil...but maybe all together is too much? The cap is a pretty gentle cleanser, and I really like it...
I'm no expert, but "amo" maybe if you use Capsiderm and the Epidermx at separate times. Like if you use Capsiderm in morning, obviously not Epidermx at that time. But at night try switching it around, use Epidermx 1st, then wait a few minutes (or right away.....your pores will probably be pretty open or fresh), then put on the
Capsiderm. I would think the Capsiderm may have a better chance at getting deeper into the skin after the Epidermx. Oh and maybe not use the Camellia oil at all.

Don't mean to ask you to be the ginny pig, but if you try this or have tried this, let us know how it worked.

Good luck.
[QUOTE=senoflys]ok thanks....Biore Ice CLeanser is a salicylic based face wash....i just used it this morning so does that mean that tonight i should use nothing in the shower but water and then use the epidermx? thanks for thehelp[/QUOTE]

I use a salicylic face cleanser in the morning as well as right before I use the Epidermx so I have a clean, moist face. Works fine.

I just started using Epidermx and really like it so far. Some of the past breakouts are healing quicker because of it, my face feels much smoother and looks brighter. And maybe it's just a coincidence, but it seems my pores are already getting smaller. It does take several minutes to do each section of face, but worth the time. I've followed it with the camellia oil and like that too. I think I've found a product I'll keep around for a long time.

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