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Oh no!!! :eek: Something went terribly wrong!! I take back all the good things I said about dermabutter!!! I was on it for a week along with the camellia seed oil and at first I was getting good results, but the last 3 days my face has taken a major turn for the worse!! Who was it that described it as "spongy"? That's how my face feels now...spongy!!! Little flesh colored bumps all over my face and even my delicate under-eye area!!! I've never broken out there before!!! Now I wish I'd never used the dermabutter!! I know it's not the camellia oil because I've been using camellia oil for months now with good results (albeit a different brand) But I like this new camellia seed oil better than the Silkia brand. ANd I still stick by Epidermx. But the dermabutter...what kind of moisturizer makes you spongy? I swear I have little spongy bumps all over my face now. When I run my fingers down my face it also feels kinda rubbery. It's disgusting! Spongy and rubbery are the only words that describe it. I'm so glad I didn't waste 30 bucks buying the dermabutter and could tell my results just from the free samples. It may be the fact that I was using the camellia seed oil and dermabutter back to back, but that's what Amy told me to do since I have severe dry skin. Now I not only still have severe dry skin but spongy bumpy skin as a toad!! I just feel like crying. It only takes a few days to destroy your skin but weeks before you can get it back where it was before (which was bad to begin with, but trust me, this is much worse!) I'm so sorry if my comments before made anyone buy the dermabutter. That's why I'm back to warn you all. Get a sample before you purchase. I'm just going to stick with the camellia seed oil for now. At least I know it was doing some good for my skin. And also, how I knew it was the dermabutter...the last few times I used it my face would automatically turn red :o after rubbing it in gently. It's not the camellia oil, definitely the dermabutter.

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