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Re: Please...
Aug 19, 2005
[quote]First of all, Clearasil has BP in it. All the other products you mentioned are moisterizers or cleansers? You only named like name brands, not what kind of products they are.

If your skin is super oily, you do NOT need a moisterizer. Any dermatologist will tell you that. Even if your skin has a bit of a "tight" feel after washing, that will go away in minutes.

If you really want to improve your skin, chances are you are going to have to put something like BP on it. BP has been around for like 40 or longer years. It is not going to damage your skin. Retin A and some of the other prescription topicals are actually very good for opening up pores and have great anti-aging effects. Acne scars are going to do a lot worse damage to your skin and your self esteem than BP.

Nothing is going to really dry up your oil, other than maybe Accutane. You just need to be vigilent in washing and then blotting during the day. Every time you have a private minute, blot with tissue or oil-blotting papers, whatever you have handy. Don't overdo with the washing though, it will only cause your skin to produce more oil. If you're like very oily after school, just rinse several times with cold water when you come home.

good luck[/quote]

I mean, what happens if I use something like RapidClear Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser or Nivea For Men Oil Control. I hear those two are great to use. Those Oil-blotting papers are to much money to get every now and then.

I don't have any scars, also I have found something to control my acne and has helped so much better than BP.

[QUOTE=babygirl2005_21]There really is no way to control oil. Once your hormones settle down the oil settles down. Are you male or female? How old are you? After you give me those answers I can give you some pointers that may help.[/QUOTE]

I'm an 18 year old male.

I don't want to use B5...that is suppose to help the oiliness I hear, but the side effects are bad.

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