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**a little intro (you can skip this if you want, get to the meat at the bottom)**

hopefully, very soon i will be on accutane. my doctor is serious about prescribing it. for the first time in a looong time i am genuinly excited about something. for the first time in a long time i'm hopeful that i will be able to enjoy life without meticulously maintaining my skin (a 24/7 job, as many of you may know).

i do not have violent, severe acne, but instead the mild yet verrrry persistive kind that no matter what i do, no matter how i maintain my skin - there's always something. once in a blue moon i will enjoy a week long stretch where my skin is ALMOST completely clear. my blemishes form deep within the skin, and hardly ever make it to the surface (by itself..i can force it out by squeezing - no good). so they stick around FOREVER.. or i have to deal with the results of my self-mutilation...taking a week off from life to let my mangled skin repair itself.

at any rate, after quite a few different types of medications and creams, i'm ready for a more permanent solution. something kick *** and powerful that will totally beat up on these pimples. accutane. there is hope.

i've read a lot about accutane on this board and i want to say thanks to everyone who's ever posted about it.. chances are i've read your comments. everything is helpful.

**the meat**

what are good ways to prepare for accutane? is it possible to get a head start on battling side effects such as dry skin, lips, rash, etc?

what moisturizers, lip balms, chap sticks, etc works for you?

is there a specific diet can help accutane run it's course?

thanks to all who respond, and please feel free to add anything else.


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