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ok so lets see...i started breaking out after the 1st year of college because i kept putting my face on my hands during anyways the oil and dirt from my fingers caused my cheeks to explode...everytime i pop one, a new one comes out the next was like an endless cycle...i used tweezers and needles that i drenched in alcohol...i thought that if i create a small hole in the pimple, it will be easier to pop it and get that white stuff out...soo yeah my cheeks were filled with scars and new pimples kept surfacing...

After a few months, it got i decide to see a derm and get laser treatment...took benzaclin, doxycycline, and triaz...had chemical peels, microdermabrasion, v-beam laser to get rid of red marks, and smoothbeam...everything was ok except the smoothbeam...that ****er hurts!! It's like ur face is hit with a snapping rubberband...It hurts so bad that i had tears came out of my eyes, and im a guy!!! Anyways, my face cleared up dramatcially after 6 months or so...and recently had a small out break of pimples on my cheeks a few weeks ago...soo i've been clear for about a's weird cuz i only get pimples on my cheeks and no where else...nothing in the t-zone...but anywayas, i started using differin, doxy, benzaclin, and cetaphil to get rid of my current far it's been a week, and i believe the differin cause the pimples to become whiteheads cuz i can see the white stuff..but i learned my lesson, so ill just leave it alone until the white stuff dries and falls out's funny cuz i thought i would never get acne, and i used to make fun of my older he's clear, and im not!!! This sucks, im only 20, and i dont know how long this acne phase will last..

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