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Hi everybody- Recently I just got on birth control and had a horrible "initial breakout" (at least, Im hoping it's initial and won't always be like this!!). My skin broke out into white bumps under the skin that didn't really surface. My face has never been flawless, but Ive never had acne before. So...of course I picked at them (I know, I know). As of now, it looks like a pizza.
What is frustrating is that these marks leftover are not going away. No signs of healing really. (The pimples have stopped, so hopefully the bc is kicking in, but now im stuck with the after-effect). They are on my inner cheeks, by my nose, and around my mouth which to me shows its hormonal and most likely related to the birth control.
Now, my question:
To combat this, I put myself on vitamin supplements, bought all-natural products, used alpha-hydroxy acid (Neutrogena), apple cider vinegar, tea-tree oil, jojoba oil, u name it. I managed to over-use tea tree oil and now have a huge red chunk of dryness on my jawline (I didnt realize that stuff is so strong). I wash my face with an alpha-hydroxy wash and then use aha moisturizer in hopes that it will slough off the red marks everywhere.
It doesnt seem to be working though- in fact, I think its making my face flaky and almost RAW. Does anyone know of anything that I can do??? I feel frustrated and depressed not doing anything at all, but maybe I should just leave it alone? It is so frustrating that these are not healing and disappearing.

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