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I am on it and it is my 47th day on 60 mgs per day. First month 40 mgs. Can't go higher for cholesterol although I am fit... I am 19 and weigh about 215 pounds and it seems like its getting worse and worse and on my shoulders they are all broken out and a little on my back and I got on my shoulders before but never bad and not close as bad as it is now. I guess it is working but it is taking so long that I am just very pissed off and do not understand when it will finally get better. The Doc says after 3 months should get better and better and better but in the mean time I am in college and have to go to class and don't want to work because of this and have problems going out because my confidence is shot because of the acne. And also what about moisturizers I bought cetaphil lotion and used it once and dunno if I should use it more.
Hmm well my dermatologist told me that some people breakout throughout the entire course (which could be several months) and then start clearing after they are completely done. Some people take longer than others to see results, I would say don't come off it yet, it sounds like you are still having your initial breakout.

Bahamagirl, you were only on Accutane a month and your derm told you to stop because it wasn't working? There is no way to tell if Accutane is going to work/not work at only 4 weeks!!! I was still having my initial breakout by week 8! Around the third months things *started* to clear, but it took the full 7 months for me to come out 100% perfect skin. If you were having depression I think that's different but as for clearing your acne, I don't think you gave it long enough. But like I said, if you were having bad depression then maybe that is more the reason why your derm took you off it. ?

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