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I have been viewing this board for some time now but have not posted much as I have let my own situation progress before telling my story!

I am 21 and live in the UK. I have had acne since I can remember. I thought this was due to my age so tried to let it run its course. Unfortunately for me it didnít run its course and I ended off with a major acne problem with terrible face, back and chest acne. Having said this, I have never let acne ruin or rule my life as luckily for me I was never tormented about it and I was always confident so always had girlfriends etc so I suppose I was lucky.

When I was 17-18 I went to the doctors who prescribed me Tetracycline. This drug did nothing at all for me so I decided to ask further advice. My GP then prescribed me Minocycline. Again, this did nothing so another trip to the doctor was made. This time he referred me to the dermatologist. At this particular point my acne was a at it's worst and he had no hesitation in offering me Roaccutane (it seems from what I've read on here, the rules about Roaccutane in the UK and US are very different as you do not need to have extra insurance in the UK) Anyway, I declined the offer as I had not heard of the drug and what she told me did not fill me full of confidence in regards to side effects and how effective the drug actually was (plus the fact I don't like needles and you needed blood taken ha ha). She decided to prescribe a combination of Doxycycline and Retin-A as an alternative. Again, this did nothing for me but make my skin oily.

About 6 months ago I'd had enough; I did some research and asked the doctor to explain the pros and cons of Roaccutane. When this was explained properly I decided to give Roaccutane a go. I should have been going on Roaccutane now as the appointment waiting list for the dermatologist was massive but with some persuasion I got an appointment the next week.

I have now been on the drug I was prescribed 40 m/g a day for 2 months, 80 m/g a day for 2 months and now 100 m/g at the moment.

The drug, for me, has been a miracle drug. I am clear on my back and chest apart from 5 spots (I used to be covered) my face is 100% acne free.

My trouble now is scars. I have a few red marks but nothing bad, they've mostly faded. My trouble is ice pick scars.

The situation with this is one that gets me down more than acne.

I have asked various family members how bad they are (I don't ask mates as they don't notice them and don't want them too!) My Mum always says she can't see anything to be nice as she used to say that about my acne. My Dad however is honest and says it how it is (which I prefer) he says he can't see anything apart from a few which he pointed at and said you have to look closely.

You're probably thinking "well that doesn't sound bad" but I wanted some other people to post back in the similar situation.

In certain mirrors and lights I have a 100% flawless face, smooth as a babyís bottom, especially in false light. However, in some mirrors and lights my face looks awful like the moon craters everywhere :( that is obviously how my face really looks or it wouldn't look like that. I said this to my Dad and he again pointed out the few he said he could see. The few he pointed out are hardly visible to me and I think I have worse ones that even I can see but he says not.

I met my friend for the first time in 6 months and he said "wow your face has cleared, how did you do that" (he suffers from moderate acne and we grew up together so our diet might be something to do with it?!)

I asked him about scars and he also said "you have dents but tiny ones not like some people, if you look properly you can see youíve probably had acne but you have to look closely.

I haven't got the worst scars but they are there which are not helped by scars of other things.

I suppose what I want to know is

a) Is there anything you can do about ice pick scars?

b) Is my friend right when he says because they're only small theyíll heal themselves?


c) Does anyone else have this problem of certain lights making your face look better because I find myself looking in good lights or mirrors to make myself feel better before I go out when really I should look at the worst scenario? I dread looking in certain mirrors as to what I'll look like. I have had very quality detailed photos done for things and the scars havenít showed up. Maybe Iím being a paranoid.

I HAVE been, as people have said very lucky with scarring (even the doctors have said) considering the amount of acne I've had

I'm sorry to have waffled on but I would love some comments and answers to my questions.

I am grateful my skin is clear, I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

And finally, Accutane is the only thing that has worked for me with no side effects so if your prepared to risk it, it's brilliant.

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