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HELP! I used to have acne when I was like 15 and I took accutane for it. I used to take out the liquid and put in applesauce. Acne was good until now at the age 22, has come back. I went to the derm and she gave me accutane but said to NOT dump out the liquid b/c it can damage your throat. (Didn't know that back then). I tried the liquid in applesauce last night. Boy that was not only gross, but it burned my throat and I woke up in the middle of the night reallllly dizzy. I called the doctor and she was mad that I did that and upset that I can't swallow gelcaps. (I can swallow at the MOST advil) but for some reason I have this fear and my throat won't let me swallow this huge plastic gelcap. Soo, the doctor gave me the resort back to cream called Tazorac. She said I was on it when I was younger and I didn't like it. I don't remember but I have read mixed things about it. I read that it makes your face red but does it really work? I have moderate acne and I need help! I wish I could take accutane but there is no way I can. I already tried and plus if I had a reaction I am scared to even take it. HELP!

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