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I am. Never had more than a zit at a time in high school and that was rare. I usally had dry skin though, but it was easily taken care of. I wish that was my only skin problem today. My life would be so much different as most of us here realize their livs would be a bit better as well. I tried minocycline (monocycline?) at first. Nothing. Then I tried some other pill along with differin gel. Then I got on Bactrim which has been great. Although I suspect it hasn't helped my skin that much in the scarring process, but still. I'm still on it taking it twice daily. I am also on clyndamycin gel (was on the lotion, but too greasy for me) and am on tretinoin cream at night. I like what is happening. Every 3 weeks or so I break out, but then it gets better and my face looks actually better than it did prior to the breakout. It's frustrating, but it's progress. I'm on one of those breakout periods right now and it's taking a particularly longer time to get by it. I was switched to another regimen for no reason whatsoever, but I switched myself back on to the old good one. No sense in taking a risk like that. I occasionally use Mederma for scarring on my cheeks but I can't always do this as it seems to irritate my skin if I use it too close to existing pimples. I don't have a whole lot. I actually counted them back in the spring and the number I got to was 49. I'm at 19 little to semi little ones. So, I figure in about 3 months I'll be about good to go. I'm trying to drink lots of green tea every day...5 cups a day. I heard it is supposed to be good for skin and complexion in addition to the other health benefits it is believed to be specially good for. Don't know...I'll try it though. I use Cetaphil also at night before applying the tretinoin cream as most people are instructed to do.

I sometimes wear a ProActiv sulfur treatment mask (only a tiny bit on certain areas around the temples where I just broke out the other day for some reason) at night all night long.

The worst part about this is no one knows how to cure these skin conditions. What is curable anymore? The other worst part is that you don't know if it will ever get like it once was or at least to where it isn't on your mind most of the day. It crushed my confidence badly. I want us all to wake up tomorrow and have a dang miraculous turnaround for the better and have most of our acne/other conditions vanish.

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