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My daughter is on Mino (see my post about Capsiderm below) and she's pretty clear w a combination of things: the Capsiderm wash, reg facials at a dermatologist, taking Mino, and using BP at night. She and I would really like to wean her off the Mino as we fear the effects of being on antibiotics long term. I read a post here that said someone's acne came back worse after going off Mino. Is that the case for everyone? If so, she'll be terrified and I would advise her to wait until winter break so she doesn't have to deal w that while at school. Your advice please.
how long has she been taking mino for? I had been on doxycycline for 12 months, (along with retin-a). My acne cleared up a lot, so 1 month ago, I decided to halve my dosage (I used to take 100 mg 2x a day, now I take 100mg only once a day). So far my acne hasn't gotten worse. If it stays like this for another month, I think I'll halve it again (just take 50 mg once a day) and if that works, I'll stop completely. IMO, it's better to taper down rather than stop cold turkey. I'd love to hear what other people's experiences are regarding quitting antibiotics...

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