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hey ihatethis! I have been on Doxy for 4 months and I am 95% clear! I am really happy about it and I think since I am on Yasmin that has helped alot too because I think my acne was hormonal as well. I bet you are probably worried about some of the things I am too. I worry that when it's time to go off the Doxy that my acne will come back! Some people say it comes back worse but then I have heard some people say the antibiotic killed all the bacteria and it never comes back. So I really don't know. I am just enjoying my life right now because I have my self- confidence back and I never want to go back to the way things were. My scars are all fading now too because they are getting the chance to heal! How long did your derm. tell you he wanted to keep you on it for? Mine said about 6 more months and then we would slowly get off of it. My acne was never severe just mild but very persistent.

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