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All i can say is that i feel your pain. I'm 16 and i've had sd for years, then it went away. Now it's coming back and you're right it truly is a curse. I do believe it is an internal thing and it's caused by a yeast overgrowth in the body(usually from antibiotics and genetics play a role too). That's why it never goes away. I find that when i used old fashioned techniques, my skin clears up(like drinking 8 glasses of water a day). I used to think that it would make no difference but seriously it really has helped a lot! I know it sounds lame but try to make a change in diet for at least 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference. People say diet has nothing to do with acne, but it does.Why do you think so many doctors says that diet has nothing to do with acne, yet they tell you to eat healthy so that your skin will glow and all that crap. But Water can only do so much. Ive used proactive, retin a micro, differin. I could go on, the only thing i havent tried is accutane. I was supposed to go on it but i changed my mind once i knew the side effects. Anyways i have horrible sd on my scalp. I'm on Nizoral and some other stuff ill have to check the name. I hate having oily skin err......i do wish that there was one product to help with all sd symtems that just cleared it up but no- anyways right now i'm using tea tree oil, it works ok. But i think cetaphil is a good face wash. What works for me is steaming. It helps my skin look less oily and i find that it does clear out my pores. I just boil water and i might add a little lavender oil for relaxation and i put a towel over my head and steam for 10 or 15 min. Then i apply a clay mask and all is new. But if you have any questions just ask me. I'm sorry for the long post.

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