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I have an appt. with my derm. end of October. Until then I am trying to do one last attempt to clear up (as I will be asking to be put on Accutane). I am going to try Accuzine AND Lipodec at the same time. I have already ordered - 1 bottle only of Accuzine (should be here today - hopefully). And was thinking of ordering Lipodec (seems affective for some and cheaper). Maybe if I take the Accuzine to jump start my clearing along with Lipodec. Then when my bottle of Accuzine is gone, continue with Lipodec and see how that goes until my derm. appt.

My skin type is mild to moderate acne (not alot of acne) but big and several cysts (and sometimes no cysts). But when I do get them, like now I have 9!!! Yuck and ouch. I also have pretty sensitive skin and extremely oily skin, scarring and lovely pits from acne and/or cysts.

So: 1. Any advice about Accuzine/Lipodec?
2. If Accuzine or Lipodec work, are people on it all the time? (unlike Accutane (which usually can be a one time therapy - hopefully for me).
3. I need a good oil free moisturizer, for sensitive and extremely oily skin (although under my oilyness is dry skin - like if I use no moisturizer, it is dry, but oily over that). I hear cetaphil may have a good moisturizer.
4. Last resort - Accutane, do most people with mild to moderate get positive results from Accutane?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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