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[QUOTE=hmahappy]You said:
I say:

This is why people with PCOS take metformin, which increases insulin in the body. Anyone with this problem with bodies that don't produce the insulin/chemicals to metabolize properly- should go to an endocrinologist and see a solution to this problem.

Once again, dieting/excersising/ etc is just curing symptoms- not solving the problem itself.

The problem's still there.
That's my opinion anyway.[/QUOTE]

diet and exercise should be the first line of defense in treating insulin resistance that one would treat with Metformin, including IR found in PCOS & Syndrome X. if you modify your insulin response and blood sugars via these methods, you eliminate the need for Metformin b/c you have solved your problem at its root. of course, one must continue the exercise and special diet to maintain benefit.

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