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[QUOTE=soupyhead]hey iwillhelpyou: i guess i just got a few questions

1. around how many carbs do you eat per day? in grams

2. how often do you run or lift weights?

3. how much water do you drink?

4. Having sex/masterbation is also stress reducer and exercise at the same time..what do you think about the pros/cons.. have you or ANYONE noticed any correlation with acne?[/QUOTE]

1) I eat lots of vegetables a day, and During lunch and dinner, I eat maybe a palm of pasta, or palm of rice, or 1 slice of bread (that should be around 10-15 g of carbs)

On the weekends, I will usuaully eat well at a restaurant, lets say chicken alfredo pasta,

but when I get home, its running for a mininum of 30 minutes, (lots of sweat required)

If you want to flip it around and you have a date at dinner, you'd probably eat well at lunch, and eat no carbs at dinner so you don't have to work out right after.
You need to know whe you can workout so you can eat your carbs,

If you work at an office all day, you can only eat some carbs in the morning and workout right after and go to work.

2) I run every morning, because I like to eat some carbs in the morning,
I workout after EVERYTIME I eat carbs (which is every dinner meal),
The more carbs I eat, the MORE I workout,

This is the *KEY* to maintaining this regime.

You can eat anything you want, but the richer you eat (pasta/bread/muffins) the more you have to work out.

Its that simple, you eat a muffin with 300 calories, be prepared to run for 30 minutes.

You eat at a chinese buffet and stuff yourself with 4 plates of carbs, be prepared to workout for 1-2 hours.

After awhile, it gets kind of fun actually. THE KEY IS LIVING LIFE AND NOT MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING.
This way you can EAT anything you want.

3) I drink an average amount of water, at least half a gallon a day.
so around a 12 ounce every 1.5 hours.

4) soupyhead:
Having sex/masterbation is also stress reducer
This is correct, except sex/masturbation increases testerone. That generates more oil on your skin.
Most people deny it, Many people including me have first hand experience in seeing more oil production 2-4 days right after the deed.
I'm not saying you can't have sex, you just need to work out even more after.

The key is knowing:

Eating Carbs = PLEASURE
Pleasure = requires EFFORT (exercise after)

Or it'll be


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