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Ok, Let me start by explaining the acne process.

This is for **oily skin patients** with acne over 21+
This requires cooking and self preparation of meals.

Acne process:
1) All oily skin patients 99% have excessive testerone,

Excessive testerone means your body will not produce the insulin/chemicals to metabolize the CARBOHYDRATES you eat in your body.

2) What increases testerone?
Sexual intercourse/masturbation

What decreases testerone?
Aging (older people have lower testerone)

What happens when my testerone doesn't reduce as I age?
This is us, 21+ over with acne.

3) What does testerone have to do with oily skin?

More testerone = Less body chemicals/insulin to metabolize carbohydrates.

EXPERIEMENT#1: How to lower/decrease your skin oil in 2-3 days.

This will take 3 days, because carbohydrates likes to stay in the body for 2 whole days.

The body requires carbohydrates to survive or you will start getting withdrawals.

For the experiement we will reduce carbohydrates for 2 days to LOW! (We will increase this later to stay healthy!) . You will feel withdrawals, this is normal, just hold on.

Supplies: Lettuce/ broccolli / vegetables any greens
Steak/ Chicken / Eggs /

Morning #1 ) Cook your vegetables with meats

Portion size: two fist full, NO MORE!
Your skin will produce oil if you overeat.

In between snacks : small portions of vegs/meats

Lunch #2: Same

In between snacks: small portions of vegs/meats

Dinner #3: Vegs + Meats + half slice of whole wheat bread

Run or lift weights if you eat the half whole wheat slice of bread *IMPORTANT*

Remeber carbohydrates require you to burn/exercise it off, if you do not, the carbohydrates will turn into OIL ON YOUR FACE.

The body stores any excess carbs as FAT

unfortunately we acne users, get it on our FACE instead of our hips or butt or stomach.

Do this for 2 days, you will see decreased oil on your face.

Note #1: This is not a complete erasure of carbs. Our body NEEDS carbs to function properly. This is only the experiement.

Note #2: Watch your portion size, during main meals 2 fist sizes MAX , anything more will result in excessive CALORIES which will be converted into FAT/oil to your face.

Try the experiement, you have nothing to lose other then less oil on your face.

I will answer any questions now.

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