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hey kelly, glad you like the journal so far.

this is day 6... i am begining to feel the skin around my mouth to tighten up and dry out a little more than usual after washing my face. still my lips are solid... probably because i have been using Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer spf 15 throughout the past 6-7 days. pretty normal usage.

i rarely get basic white head pimples, the kind that pop up over night and do not usually hurt. but in recent days i have woken up to a couple near my eyebrows. they were easy to take care of and hardly noticable now. i wonder if it has anything to do with the accutane?
day 7. still look pretty "normal". my face isnt overly dry and my lips are beginning to feel as if they may become chapped if i stop using the lip balm.
8th day. the interior of my nose is begining to dry out slightly. my skin is the same as yesterday. its interesting to see how the accutane makes an impact from day to day. at this stage, ive been able to notice a lot of changes.

no break outs, knock on wood :bouncing:

ive been using cetaphil the last 2 days. my skin seems to like it.
day 9.

little by little the skin around my mouth and around the bottom of my nose/upper lip is drying out. i am moisturizing here and there, doing my best to keep from getting too dry.

no "breakout" as of now. i have a couple bumps developing on my forehead, the type of problem i usually have. these bad boys usually never hit the surface. but the good news is they are small. not sure if it's because of the accutane?

my nose feels good... i put some aquaphor in my nose with a Q-tip, i didnt have the same dryness today as yesterday.

my lips are slowly becoming more chapped each day. im constantly putting on my Neutrogena lip moisturizer. theyre still in good shape though.

im liking this cetaphil face wash more and mroe =)

Sounds like things are progressing well for you at the beginning of your course. I know a lot of people worry about the initial breakout, and believe me, so did I. However, I didn't experience it at all. Since I had large and painful cysts that I dealt with, I assumed that that's what would be popping up during my initial breakout but nothing happened.

One thing I recommend is using plain ol' vaseline on your lips (and in your nose, if necessary. Gross, I know, but I had a really bad dry nose on accutane) before bed. It worked really well for me. :) Good luck and keep us updated!

One thing I recommend is using plain ol' vaseline on your lips (and in your nose, if necessary. Gross, I know, but I had a really bad dry nose on accutane) before bed. It worked really well for me. :) Good luck and keep us updated![/QUOTE]

hey hey! yea ive been using aquaphor in my nose b4 bed, ill try it on mah lips too :wave:

lucky 13...

the plot thickens, a lot of smaller pimples are developing under the skin in random places. these must be because of the accutane because they are different from the types of acne i usually suffer from. still, they are not creating TOO much of a problem.

as expected, day by day the dryness in my lips and around my mouth increases. sometimes i notice my eyes are a little scratchy, dry feeling. after a good eyeball massage through my eye lids theyre fine.

im getting to the point where picking can really cause me problems. my skin is very sensitive, easily damaged. i really need to avoid mirrors.

til next time
day 15.

zits that have been developing over the last few days are starting to cause problems. my skin is really sensitive, dry, and the bumps look ugly on my cheeks and forehead. i still wont call this a breakout because it's the type of thing that normally happens.

blah... i tried to get some blackhead outta my nose and in doing so a bunch of skin peeled off. my nose looks as if i was in a fire.

ill be keeping my head low for a while, i know it. my skin has a cycle... crappy for a few weeks then a week of almost clear skin... and the crappy part is comming i can feel it.

the key with accutane is no doubt letting the drug do its job... no matter how hard you just need to let it be.
day 17

earlier today i had a blood test (the 2 week check up!). i should have the results within a day or two...everything seems fine. ive got the usual dry skin (on and off, some days its better than others), chapping lips (not severe), and a bit of an achy back. feel pretty healthy overall

the accutane is definitely making me break out in the form of cysts on my mid to lower cheeks, closer to my nose. also, theres been a few bumps popping up on my forehead. luckily the cysts are developing quickly, and i can treat them as neccessary. im just happy theyre hitting the surface as fast as they are, because it usually takes forever!

cant wait for the next month or two to go by!

okay so my forehead is a bit worse than yesterday. my cheeks are a bit better.

an interesting note, i feel like my skin is not as dry as it was a week ago. same goes for my lips. i especially notice this right out of the shower. 1 week ago my skin would dry out quickly and my lips would feel tight. kind of strange... ?

oh yeah, and im half way thru the first month's tane!

i believe i can safely say that i can see the pores tightening up on my forehead. it may be due to the drying effect accutane has, but the skin on my forehead is not really dry and flakey like people have described. it still seems a bit oily, but just looks better. and if i look REALLY close it looks like tiny little "blackheads" are being pushed out. hardened grease or something. sounds really gross but it doesnt look it.

theres a couple blemishes in developement on my forehead. middle to late stages mostly. only 1 new one =) these seem to come and go within a weeks time, or a little longer.

the skin on my cheeks are in the later stage of healing and recovery from the breakout. nothing new. ive been using little bandaids and neosporin to help heal the cysts that damaged my skin. for the rest i just moisturize.

i feel that in 1 week or so if nothing new develops and my skin repairs itself nicely i should be looking at reletively clear skin! woohoo
Hey california,

Your progress sounds a lot like what I went through last year (I still can't believe I've been off accutane a year already). :) It's hard not to constantly use lip balm, even when your lips aren't as dry. I still use a lot just out of habit even though my lips have long been back to normal.
day 25...

same thing as yesterday. i had a pretty uncomfortable night last night. im getting dry skin, rash, and itches in random places.. my scrotum is especially sensitive right now. kinda gross huh? it just itches, and is all red. its not dry. i put aquaphor all down there, LOL. hopefully it'll pass soon. cause i pretty much have to itch my balls every ten seconds.

so far so good.
welcome.. good luck with getting accutane.

day 29.

the red spots have decreased a lot over the last couple days and thanks to neosporin and lotions my skin is looking the best it has since the beginning of the treatmen. not much left of the cluster of zits that came up a couple days ago. nothing new on my forehead. hopefully things continue like this!

one thing to note is that my skin has a lot of color right now. just an overall redness to it that looks blushy. its kind of nice, actually. i dont have much dry skin on the face, except for a couple patches close to the corners of my mouth.

lips are doin good, thnks to the lip balm.

im def. noticing pores tightening up in various places, which is great. my nose is really smooth and clear of blackheads! im thankful!
I have been on 40 mgs of Accutane for about 17 or so days. I am not noticing any improvements yet. My skin is not really dry and my pores are not tightening. This past weekend my chin broke out so bad! I had like 5 cyst type zits at one time. The only thing I have noticed in the past few days is that the skin around my nostrils (right where your nostrils meet your face) is a little flaky. I exfoliate my face every morning in the shower....using my fingers. I get a lot of dead skin off that way.

I noticed the thing you mentioned about your scrotom....well I just got over having a yeast infection (I am a girl) so maybe there is some Accutane connection?
hey willow, i dont put neosporin on active zits/acne. just on the spots that are left behind afterwrds. or if i pick, which i am guilty of. it helps either way.

because accutane makes u dry out, most people just use a gentile face wash. like cetaphil, which im using now. im not using other topicals.

accutane is suppose to help a bit with scarring.. but everyone is different.

daisy, i doubt what i was dealing with was anything more than a basic rash. its much better now that i treated it with the stuff i have. the scrotum is doing much better now.

im learning to deal with the new type of breakouts ive been having since being on accutane. its unpredictable and pretty spread out. i thought maybe there would be a chance my skin was clearing up for good but i suppose i was overly optimistic. i got a couple new in development on my forhead, and on my cheek.

although my skin is clearer now than it has been in a while, the breakouts are hard to deal with, mentally. im just fed up with it all. but at the same time i have to be happy with the progress.

so far i dont have overly dry skin on my face. my lips arent crusty and chapped like a lot of people on accutane have reported. zits/cysts are developing much quicker now than they ever have, which is good i think.

being on accutane is a true waiting game.
not sure, are we? im just over 5 weeks

day 37

... i havent payed much attention to my nose because its been pretty smooth and clear looking. but this morning i felt it and it felt dry and prickly so i took a closer look in the mirror and there are a bunch little things sticking up. i guess theyre black heads but without the actual black head. just little plugs. i tweezed a couple of them out. theyre all dried up and starting to poke out the surface.

got some more zits scattered about my face. no new cysts thankfully. i got a lot of red marks all over my forehead. some others on my cheeks......... i hope they heal up quick
yes thats true, we'll deal with it!

39th day.

today my skin is more dry, more aggrivated, just gross. last night i accidentally scraped my nose with my fingernail and it took like a layer of skin off. blah!
Hey cali, its good reading your journal. I'm onto day 16 of isotane, which is the brand name for accutane over here. My derm started me off on 20mg a day but hopefully he will put me up to at least 40mg when I go back for my monthly checkup and the blood tests come back ok. So far ive just noticed a lot of dry skin and back pain. I just slap some vaseline on my lips whenever they feel like they are going to dry out and nivea soft moisturiser on the rest of my face in the morning after I have a shower.

I hadn't heard of neosporin before but after reading your post I've just ordered 3 tubes of it. I've also ordered some cetaphil face wash as well because a lot of people who are on accutane recommend it. I think my condition is quite similar to yours from what you have written. It's going to be weird looking at my nose with no blackheads, let alone my whole face without acne! I think its so funny how there are groups of people out there who are so against the drug and go on about all the severe side effects such as having bad liver for the rest of your life and damaging your skin pores. I would much rather have bad liver with great looking skin than having bad liver from drinking too much alcohol.

Keep posting man!
thanks, ill keep posting. good luck with your isotane.

a second update to the day.... my skin is getting very dry. since around the first week i noticed some dryness but lately im reeaally getting dry. but my lips are still in good condition. no crackly dry lips here

my cheeks are breaking out. but my forehead has cooled off since a recent breakout.

there is no predicting what my skin does. i know this now.
Hi California, I've just been reading your journals and have to ask, what is neosporin?
I've been on the roaccutane for 7 weeks now, only 20mg a day as I'm female and don't exactly weigh a lot! Had visit with derm today and she upped me to 40mg a day. So far I only have dry SO dry I sometimes feel like they don't belong to me! Oh and my hair is defo finer, plus backache, but no dry skin yet, how long before your skin actually dried out and you noticed any clearing of your spots?
Maybe I'm a freak, but can't wait till my skin is peeling so I know it definately doing something!
neosporin is for treating cuts and scrapes... it helps heal things like that. its a basic first aid topical. like i said, i noticed my skin was getting dryed out just about a week into treatment. but recently, withing the past 5 days or so its been getting more dry than usual. its not peely flakey dry, but tight - itchy feeling dry. it peels a little where my skin is healing from previous outbreaks. but the neosporin helps with that.

also, the only noticable clearing thus far is on my nose - which has never been a problem spot for me really. its just pushing out little blackheads that werent really too noticable to begin with. other than that theres been a change in texture. i know theres a lot to read here, but i explained a lot of this in previous posts! good luck with your treatment
yup... my skin is definitely getting more dry. and the corners of my mouth are also getting dryER and theres little cuts there. but still the lips arent getting chapped.

til tomorrow
day 45.

i am very pleased with how my skin has been acting over the last couple days. i am by no means "cured" or completely clear but things are much much better. im scared to report this becasue i do NOT want to jinx myself and fall into another crummy slump.

my skin is smoothing out in a lot of areas and i have not had any new cysts. i am still getting a few of those zits that crust up really fast in random places on my face, and as of now i will take those over the mean deep cysts/pimples that i usually get.

at the same time, feels a LOT less greasy. instead dry, and sometimes peely. but not too dry, a little cetaphil moisturizer takes care of it for a long time. i usually moisturize twice a day, with a few extra dabs here and there in the more sensitive spots.

hopefully this success will continue. i am happy right now, because i feel this medicine hard at work for me.
day 46.

another positive day. definitely looking the best i have in a long long time. skin is a bit dry, along with my nose, but thats about it.

i havent had nosebleed problems but maybe because every night since about week 2 i have been using aquaphor. i put a little on a Q tip and swab it inside my nostrils.

currently im treating about a half dozen red marks, all in the later stages of healing. still happy, but still cautious!
day 51

despite the small break out over the weekend im still in good spirits. the texture of my skin is seriously improving in many areas. my forehead, nose and cheeks are much less greasy lately.

my face has become more flakey in a few spots, but nothing to bad. lips are still great, actually. just slightly dry after showers and if i dont use the lip balm for a while.

im still treating some spots with neosporin, which always helps
california, what are you using to dry your active spots? I was using a benzoil peroxide, but im convinced that it prolongs healing. right now, all i'm using is cetaphil and neosporin, could something else help dry up cysts or active spots?

Also, I've had a lot of spreading. Zits popping up directly next to day old ones. I don't know what to do, I soak with a hot compress to get infection out and then use neosporin which is suppose to fed off infection. Why would they keep spreading like that?

By the way, I just started month 4... sadly not happy with the results so far.
day 65.

amazingly, i am down to 3 active spots on my face. it is incredible. the rest of my face is clear except for red spots which are nearly finished healing. there is no doubt that the accutane is doing its job so far =)

my lips are STILL holding up very nicely. no chapping or anything (knock on wood!). and my face isnt too dry (the cetaphil moisture cream is awesome).

my derm is out of town right now, otherwise i would have visited him this past week. a little while ago i was pretty frustrated with things and thought id request a higher dose of the tane. but right now i feel content with 80mg because im seeing great results.
Day 80

its been just over a week since my last update and things are still very good =) i currently have one active spot on my right cheek that is pretty small.

i have been dealing with a couple of dry patches / red spots on my forehead for a couple weeks now. they are pretty stubborn and continue to flake. its very odd. the spots are less than dime sized. it doesnt look like much when i put a little extra moisturizer on these areas. im just puzzled as to why they havent healed over yet.

overall id say im 95% where i'd like to be right now, and im so thankful the treatment has been working!
Glad its still going well for you! Im not sure about the dry patches, my best idea would be to ask your derm the next time you visit to see if there is something to put on them or an est. time they will be there! Im also wondering, did you ( not sure if you ever did :) ) or do you still have problems with blackheads/clogged pores? Or did the disappear at some point on the treatment? Thanks, im just curious to know from someone whos farther along. :)

glad to see you are still doing well. as far as the patches i would just use moisturizer on them and ask your derm on your next visit. i have read that some ppl get them while on accutane ( dry patches ) and they go away after the course. hope it continues to go well !

i agree with lexla that u should ask ur derm about the dry patches, maybe he/she can give u some medications to apply..
oh damn, i envy u! i hope that my skin will soon get even better, like yours.. my condition is better now, hopefully it will improve more.. =)
monday the 5th marks my 93rd day, i believe....

things going well, but still have the dry patches on my forehead. they are definitely dying down a bit. they are less and less dry each day, thankfully. i am not worried or bothered by it... i have read of similar symptoms posted by other people here, so ill assume its the medicine. it will go away =)

i feel blessed. thanks all
day 100

monday the 12th...

the dry patches continue to improve. it has been a slow process, but the lotioning is def. working. if i dont lotion in the morning and a couple times during the day the patches will definitely be flakey come night time.

still no new pimples! as each day passes, a "modern day" record for most consecutive days for clear skin is set. heck yes!

til next time. happy holidays all, i wish everyone the best.
Congrats on the 100 day mark!

Glad to see its still going well, funny thing is now i have those dry patches lol....mainly on my cheeks, but its just hear and there , not all over. It is interesting for sure! :) hope it continues to go well and happy holidays to you too!
day 108.

still feeling good, looking good. dry patches continue! grrr. oh well. small price to pay right now for clear skin (if you dont count said dry spots).

good luck all!
[QUOTE=california1]day 108.

still feeling good, looking good. dry patches continue! grrr. oh well. small price to pay right now for clear skin (if you dont count said dry spots).

good luck all![/QUOTE]

Hi, what do you use for your dry patches? because i think i have them too and its sometimes itchy. Thanks
I'm glad to hear you're doing so well.

What I use when my skin gets really dry is Aquaphor. I don't know if you have tried that yet. At first I was scared to use it(it's very oily) but it didn't cause any breakouts. (I only use it rarely and only on those areas that are extremely dry)
day 121. 4 months down, 1 to go.

that's right, this my fifth and final month on accutane. i am very excited, but at the same time i am fearful that once im off the medicine my old skin conditions will return. i am hoping for the best.

im happy to report that some of the dry skin i have been experiencing is improving with time and close care. also, no pimples or zits in a long long time =)

good luck to all, hope you have an excellent new year.
hey there. my red marks have healed and the only things giving me "trouble" right now are the two dry spots on my forehead.
oh thats great, thank you for your response. the dry spots will probably go away after the treatment stops.
day 128. monday 1/9

im good. still have those dry skin patches on my forehead. somedays they look better than others. i have just around 3 weeks remaining in my course. hopefully once im off, things will get better. its some sort of rash. i can live with it a little longer.

til next time
hey people,

feb 6.. one week off the medicine and things are still great. i am not noticing anything out of the ordinary. in fact, the dry spots i have been dealing with on my forehead have settled down and need less attention now. i am hopefull that it continues to improve.

i have not changed any of my routines. i am continuing my one cetaphil wash per day and cetaphil moisture applications. also, i am trying to drink a lot of water and have not changed my eating habits. my skin responds well to this and feels good so i cant help but keep it up.

3 weeks, 3 days off the medicine.

things are looking really good. my skin is still improving in ways. my lips are less dry, and in need of less lip balm. the dry patches on my hands are fading, as well as the dryness on my forehead.

i am still very happy...

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