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day 38.

no improvements today. actually things are a bit worse. a couple new deep seeded pimples popped up and they will surely linger for a while. red marks all over. my skin is drying up more. its getting itchy. i hate the feel of lotion on my face. i just want to go to sleep for 4 months.

im tired of having bad skin. its really bringing my life down. keep on truckin
neosporin is for treating cuts and scrapes... it helps heal things like that. its a basic first aid topical. like i said, i noticed my skin was getting dryed out just about a week into treatment. but recently, withing the past 5 days or so its been getting more dry than usual. its not peely flakey dry, but tight - itchy feeling dry. it peels a little where my skin is healing from previous outbreaks. but the neosporin helps with that.

also, the only noticable clearing thus far is on my nose - which has never been a problem spot for me really. its just pushing out little blackheads that werent really too noticable to begin with. other than that theres been a change in texture. i know theres a lot to read here, but i explained a lot of this in previous posts! good luck with your treatment

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