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10th day

same old business.... the bumps on my forehead have developed a bit more. i notice that a couple have already dried out and hardened into "plug" type things... i gently pushed them out. gross, but it was clean.. those came and went within a couple days, the other bumps will take a little longer to go away im sure. they always do..

one thing that is totally obvious at this stage is that my skin is very sensitive. sensitive to rubbing, picking (ok so i picked a couple, but not too badly...), scratching, etc. the skin all over my face can be easily damaged. ive definitely learned my lesson quickly when it comes to messing around with my skin. its thin, and fragile. thats the best i can describe it.

ive doubled my lib balm usage in the last day or two. im scared to not have my lip balm for more than 30 mins at a time!!!

i went to the derm earlier today, he is happy with the progress this far. i have to say that i am too. the doc commented that he notices a change in the look and feel to my skin. when i got home i took a good look in the mirror and its true. the texture on my cheeks has definitely changed. the pores on my nose seem to be tightening, with almost no blackheads.

i asked him if i'll be taking a higher dose and he said it is definitely possible, and it more or less depends on my comfort level. as for right now, im sticking to 80mg per day.

my forehead seems to be the most problematic area. hopefully the accutane will take aim at this area soon =). currently i have no zits/cysts in development and the ones i did have are in the final stages of healing. my red marks usually go away in a week or two with the help of neosporin and moisturizers. im crossing my fingers because ive been at this stage before. when things look good a little army of new zit/cysts come marching in over night.

til next time
Yep, the scars are the real problem. That really worries me. I do have a friend that she has had a lot of peelings, and other stuff (not dermabrasion though) and her skin looks way better but when she stops, her scars look deeper but not as deep as when she started (she was pretty, but pretty bad). One time she had some treatment in South America (cheaper there), and her skin looked almost perfect, I was in shock. She does a lot of things though, I can even keep up with it, next time I'll take notes. I will ask her again when I see her.

For removing scars permanently, what I have seen on the net(which of course is not the best source, lol) is that the most effective but extremely risky treatement is dermabrasion (not microdermabrasion, they're totally different procedures). You can end up looking worse if they do it incorrectly, but if done correctly they get reduced, and some people have had several done to get the best result. However you have to wait a year after you finished your course of accutane, and be prepared to stay home for a least a week or two.

California, I know hydroquinone creams work for red and brown marks (I have used them for the past 15 years) but I'm pretty sure you can't use them until you finish your course. I have used 3%, you can only get over the counter 2%. Once my skin clears (that's if it does :D), I will ask my derm if I can use it, just to see her reaction.

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