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[QUOTE=hmahappy]ksa guy, was aspirin mask better than the baking soda mask? Just wondering?[/QUOTE]
Oh Definately!
The Baking Soda Mask was the WORST thing i ever did to my face.
i would like to warn everybody that the Baking Soda mask makes your skin feel great for the first three times and you might think that its the best thing ever. but WRONG! almost everyone who tried it was really happy first but then broke out so badly that the threads got deleted.
So Please dont even try them.

Asprin is really good (its been 9 days i am on asprin mask and it Does reduce Acne unlike Baking Soda giving peimples to the area's of the face i never had like forehead, neck and jawbones).
[QUOTE=thompsbj]Does the aspirin mask work on really old red marks?[/QUOTE]
well i have a very old and big mark. that sometimes looked blue rather than red otherwise it was red. i havethat for almost two years. and after the Asprin mask, i cant say it disappeared but it looks smaller and much more lighter, like regular redness in the Acne era. so i suppose it might help.
tonight i am going to try somethng new that my friend suggested for my old red mark.
its Betnovate (Betamethasone). She said if applied regularly, my mark will go away within a wek. but she warned me, and it also says on the tube Precautions that if used for long-term, thinning, sigmentation etc might occur.

i'll update you if i have any success with it.

another popular thing is Lemon juis, Multan Mud, Rose water and another thing i cant remember the name of is used for Red marks. but i am going to give a long gap and not apply anything to my skin and then try that mud mask. will also tell if that helps.

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