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First i will tell u about my skin. From the age of about 12 ive had acne...not serious but always very oily and always about 3 pimples. My pores were getting really really huge and my skin was beginning to bother me. I went to the doctors and they tried me on several topical things but none of it worked.
So at 14 i went to a dermatologist.
He gave me minocin tablets and some differin gel. I must say..that did work to stop pimples (well, most of them) for a long time. It never helped with my really oily face though and so my pores just kept getting bigger and bigger and more blocked.
So although my acne was under control, my skin was still bad and was looking kinda ruined (i think from all the harsh products).
Then at 16 i moved country so was no longer able to get the products i was using and when i did find them it was REALLY expensive. And i also didnt like the idea of staying on mino (its an antibiotic) for a long time either.

So i went to a doctor here and got some birth control pills (it can be called Dianette or Diane 35) and some topical alcohol stuff. The Diane stuff didnt agree with my body at all...and it didnt help with my acne so i came off it and went on something else. The alcohol stuff again worked to stop most pimples (not all) but my skin was still getting in worse and worse condition.

So by that time i was getting abit worried about ruining my skin with this harsh pores were massive and my skin was always looking like shiny leather.

Oh and btw, when u come off mino (or any antibiotic) your acne WILL come back....its not a cure- it just keeps it under control.
So my acne was coming back really bad and i didnt know wat to do about it. At one point i was using some salicilyic acid thing and it got SOOO bad for me...i mean about 12 BIG red pimples on my face. And they were starting to scar....
So i begged my doctor to put me on roaccuante..and he didnt want to but did. Anyway...i was only on it a month coz i got REALLY depressed...and broke out worse than i ever had done talking seriously bad skin.

Ive never felt that baf before! i wasnt even going out the house! So i tried neutrogena acne wash and some vitamin neutrogena acne treatment- this was the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!!!This has actually given me afew small pitted scars.........

Ok so now ive FINALLY found something that REALLY works for me. (im 19 btw)

Firstly im taking yasmin...this has really minimal side affects (i dont get any at all)....
Secondly im using proactiv. Now dont stop reading when u hear this!!!!!!! I honestly think BP is the best to use.....and i think i know why alot of u have irritation from proactiv.
With the cleanser u DO NOT SCRUB!!!!!!!!! Thats the worst thing u can do!!!! What i do is barely put ANY pressure on my face...just little circles with the tips of my fingers for about 15 seconds, if that!!!
Just remember to be REALLY gentle with ur face......irritation of any sort will actually give u acne...
Then if i have a pimple i use neutrogena on the spot acne stuff. Thats good.

For a face mask (i havent used it at the moment coz i havent had spots in AGES so i dont want to spoil it)
I use neutrogena acne mask (this is really great for those of u with greasy skin -dont use it if u have dry skin.)
Also queen helene mint julep mask....this is good but stings a little when u first put it on.

Now for what i think REALLY works from the inside:
*B complex
*Vitamin b6
*vitamin c with rose hip
*aloe vera capsules (u can get the natural pure stuff and drink it too)
*vitamin e (this is good for scarring they told me)

Also i usually take green tea capsules -this is actually supposed to prevent cancer which is another reason i was taking it but i ran out :)

For u girls with hormonal acne- evening primrose oil is great aswell...i just dont have enough money to buy so many vitamins!!!

And the last thing is makeup...ive found jane iredale mineral makeup and since using that i havent broken out either!!!!!!!

I really would advise people to give this a try....i have NO PIMPLES!!! NONE!!!!!! Although i do have afew little pitted scars and marks from old spots that are taking ages to hoping they will go in time :)
My mineral makeup also makes this hardly noticable at all!!!

Oh and heres the stuff i have tried in the past:
Differin gel (i would reccomend this!)
panoxle (again this is a good one if u are ok with bp)
minocin (works but when u come off it ur acne will come straight back)
clean and clear (doesnt work)
oxy pads (dont work)
nu skin clear action (doesnt work)
accutane (made my acne a million times worse and i got BAD side effects)
tea tree (doesnt work)
neutrogena acne wash (terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
neutrogena vitamin acne treatment (terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
some natural stuff (works ok)
noxema (works as a cleanser but not for acne )
ive probably tired loads of other stuff that doesnt work aswell u can see im made up that ive found something that works for me!!!!!!!!! So if u have oily skin....then i would say try skin is better hormonally, from the inside, and from the outside.

Oh and 1 last thing, cut out all sodas and as much fried/fast food as u can!!!

And drink green tea!!! This is soooooooo good for u!!!!!!! And plenty of water!

And remember to smile, ur the only 1 who cares about ur acne- dont let it take over ur life.

Any questions just ask :)

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