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I need Help. =/
Feb 16, 2003
Well, basically, I have ALOT of issues, but i'll keep it short and sweet. I am a depressed kid, a few years ago, I was overweight, and I got teased, ALOT, by several cruel kids, even tho I overcame my weight problem, I still have very low self esteem.

I was so happy, was thin.. getting muscular a bit, then, of course, I start getting acne, mild at first, but I was an obsessive picker. It soon became very bad. I went through every product I can think of.. even fell for a $300 tv product ad, but nothing seemed to be working, and it got worse. So the dermatoligist put me on Accutane, right at the start of my school year. I was doing great, excellent grades, then the accutane side effects kicked it, my acne got MUCH worse, the red marks were horrible, my friend, which I don't have many of, asked "Do you have chickenpox?."

I started missing school, ALOT of school, I lost the few friends I had, and the acne got worse, by the time the first half of the school year was over, I failed Gym and another class.. dropped 30% in my best subject, Science, and I even had 23 absents in one class. I had even quit football, my favorite sport, because I don't even have enough self steem to be around a bunch of guys playing a game.

Basicallly, what I'm getting to, I just started the second half of the school year, and I don't think I can do it. I really don't. I can't STAND going out in public.

I was wondering, how bad would dropping out of school affect me? The accutane is atarting to work.. and in a year or 2, I'll get laser surgery, but right now I'm not strong enough. I need some insight.. what can I tell my mom? She seems pretty set on me not dropping out, but i know forshure I'll keep missing classes and end up failing.

Thank you for reading, and please respond. =/

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