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[B]Ksaguy[/B] - Yeah, birth control pills are pretty much just for women. Although the anti-androgen properties that some of the pills have can do wonders for acne, that same effect will likely produce undesirable side-effects in men. Although I've heard that Propecia, a medication developed to treat mild to moderate male pattern hair loss, also has some anti-androgen properties... and obviously they prescribe that to men. So who [I]knows[/I] what's on the horizon for male acne sufferers?

[B]Evey 55 [/B] - Defininitely encourage your daughter to switch to Yasmin. From what I understand, Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo generally isn't used to treat acne... although Ortho Tricyclen (regular) is. The Tri-cyclen Lo has a lower concentration of female hormones, so it isn't able to suppress androgens (the acne-causing hormones) as well. My gynecologist told me that Yasmin is "the least androgenic of them all". So in women whose acne is caused by these hormones, it tends to work very well. I was using Tazorac cream and taking Minocycline 100mg twice a day before the Yasmin's effects kicked in. A few months later, I was able to discontinue both.

[B]Xismybaby[/B] - I don't remember having an initial break-out when I started the Yasmin. My skin had been SO BAD, that I probably wouldn't have noticed any additional pimples anyway. I do remember feeling discouraged at first, because I wan't seeing a difference immediately. But my doctor told me to be patient and to give it 3 or 4 months to work. At 3 months I started noticing that I wasn't getting any new cysts. The few pimples that I did get were much smaller and closer to the surface. By 5 months, I saw that the old cysts were healing quite nicely and no new pimples were appearing. At 6 months, I'm still waiting for the marks on my face to fade... but they ARE fading. Any new blemishes that appear are few and far between. Even when I do get one, it's usually just a superficial blackhead or whitehead that can easily be treated.
Yasmin is currently working for me too. I was on Marvelon for the past 5 years and decided to stop it because I was getting dangerous and annoying side effects in the 5th year. I was planning to stay off the birth control pill for a year to give my body a break. But, just a few months after stopping it, my face exploded with acne. I began to panick and decided to go back on the pill but a different one. My gyno insisted on Alesse, even though I was hesitant because of the bad reviews I had read. Just as I had thought, Alesse did not work. It made my acne worse and cystic like as well as it made my skin and hair oilier. I later realized that Alesse had Androgen in it which is a male sex hormone that produces oil. Not good for acne-prone skin!!!
YASMIN is now my miracle-worker and acne-controller. I have only been on it for over a week and you can see a difference. I am still left with blemishes and marks from before but they are healing. Yasmin has no androgen so my skin looks matte and non-oily. As for side effects, I have not been experiencing much right now. But I strongly advise those who experience migraines, numbness in your arms or legs, violent mood swings...etc, to IMMEDIATELY stop whatever pill you're taking because it is extremely hazardous to your health. Trust me on this!

Yasmin: recommended for those with oily, acne-prone skin.

Aftermath: I do not know personally, but I have read many who have experienced harsh breakouts after stopping Yasmin. The same happened to me with Marvelon.

Long-Term Effects: This has not yet been confirmed by doctors or drug companies.

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