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hey everyone..i've had oily skin for i dunno how many years now and i know it is a major contributor to my acne used to only be my forehead that had a lot of oil and that was where i first started to have acne..but as I aged, my nose and cheeks began getting more oily..and what do you know..i began having cases of acne at those places too..the only place on my face that isnt oily is my chin, which to no surprise is usually the clearest spot on my face..i RARELY get any acne there but if i do, it goes away so much faster b/c oil isnt clogging the pimple I am so desperate to know what I can do to reduce my oil level..i know it has to be some kind of hormonal balance of some sort. I know that topical stuff is not going to help the problem b/c it just washes away the current oil on my face but doesnt prevent it from being produced..i've read a lot on this forum and i know there are ways to internally clean your there any way to finally help my body balance itself?..i know ppl use accutane to help reduce oil production but i honestly do not want to resort to that. i just know that once my skin stops being so oily..i can be sure that my acne problem will finally have a chance to come to an if anyone out there really has an answer..then plz do share..for all of us who have oily skin that causes our acne.

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