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I am a faithful Epidermx user. Epiderm makes fabulous natural products for the skin that have really worked wonders on my scarring. The Epidermx, Tea Tree Oil Bar, and Camellia Oil are all wonderful products that I never see myself giving up! As far as breakouts go, it really helps my cysts/pimples go down extremely quickly (within 48 hours...when usually these suckers would take at least a week), however, it has not completely PREVENTED all new breakouts from forming. My acne is about 85% better, but I am still having small breakouts that I feel I shouldn't still be dealing with (21 yrs old.)

That is why I am about to start my second course of Accutane. It is, truly, a miracle drug for me... first time I was on it, I was cleared 100%. I mean, picture someone out of any magazine with that perfect airbrushed skin and THAT is what I looked like, no exaggeration. I was 100% clear for a year, then started getting maybe one little zit a month.. well fastforward four years later, and now my acne is back to a place where it's starting to actually bother me again. Yes, there are some POSSIBLE side effects, but throughout my entire course I was always healthy and felt great, even played tennis 5 days a week and was FINE!

I realize that Accutane may not be for everyone, but for me it is the only thing that gives me the skin I want, with nearly zero hassles. Personally, I think I had more sideffects being on Retin-A than I did Accutane! lol. Anyways, it's your choice. There are a few people on this board that were like you, hesitiant to go on Accutane but finally caved in and then after the course, they couldn't be happier with their decision. So it's up to you. Good luck, and yes, I would probably look into the Epidermx if I were you!! :)

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