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Ok let me start out by telling a little about my history with acne. I have been a constant sufferer of cystic acne since I was 12 years old, mostly on the cheeks. I am now 25, and still breaking out with some bad scarring on my cheeks and a couple spots on my forehead. My mom took me to the dermatologist about year after I began breaking out. He prescribed Retin-A, which didn't help at all. Went back about a year later, and he prescribed me Differin Gel. Helped the few spots of pustular acne I had but nothing for the persistant acne. I didn't go back for a while, just tried to handle things on my own by trying several different OTC remedies. Of course, none really helped. After I gave birth to my second child, my face starting breaking out severely again. I went back to the dermatologist and he insisted I try Accutane, telling me it was probably the only thing that would help. I was reluctant to try because -

1. I had heard several horror stories about the drug and frankly I wasn't comfortable with the possible reported side effects
2. You are required to take BCP while on Accutane and any kind of hormonal BC gives me debilitating migraines
3. I was breastfeeding my daughter at that time.

Needless to say, I left with nothing but a script for a topical antibiotic and that's it. I went back a little over a year ago thinking of trying accutane, but changed my mind after reading the pamplet ( I am very leary of prescription drugs to begin with). That time I left the office with nothing, so I am thinking of switching dermatologists and find out if they have any more suggestions. As of right now I am broke out terribly in small red lumps around my mouth, a couple spots on my cheeks, and on my jawline. I started breaking out bad again since using the Neutrogena Oil Free moisturizer, but I feel my skin needs a moisturizer. I was using the Neutrogena Advanced Care Acne kit, but have since stopped because I started Epidermex..I have been using it once a week for just 2 times now, but haven't noticed a big difference. It only seems like my skin is red and irritated afterwards. I have rolling acne scars on my cheeks, and I feel I have honestly never seen someone with scarring bad as mine, not personally anyway. It kills my self esteem and makes me feel ashamed to talk to anyone close up. My skin looks horrible in bright light despite makeup. There are sometimes I never want to venture out into public again. All I've ever wanted was great skin and that's something I've never had and probably never will.
Has epidermx helped any of you with your scars? If not, what are my other options?

Wmoon24, I feel for you. I too have very nasty skin and hate to go out in public and will make any excuse lately (or when severly broken out) to see anyone. Scarring and the cysts suck - mine get really big and take over a month to go away. Actually I've had these 2 giant cysts (about the size of a nickel) now for about 45 days. I have 8 cysts total right now and about 25 other zits. Couple weeks ago had 11 cysts. I too get stressed and depressed about it. But of course then that adds to the acne. Dang it what does a person do. I have been trying a few things I learned here and right now I believe after doing a colon detox, my cysts and acne are at their worst! I hope and pray that this is the toxins coming out and getting as much acne to the surface as possible and soon will be on an end slop. Have added lots of supplements, multi vitamin, B complex (to maybe help with stress hormones), flax seed oil and now I am trying campho phenique. If this don't do it in say another week, I will call my derm. My appt isnt until end of October.....she's on maternity leave. Dang but I can't handle the actual pain, and disfigurement. I literally am deformed. My face looks so gross and looks like an orange peel, very large pores, and extremely oily, oh lets not forget the big speed bumps or whatever they are - so deformed. So disgusted. I am doing last resorts and going to ask for accutane (I've tried EVERYTHING else, well almost everything - believe me). So I am giving one more week, and then calling the derm and saying I can't take it, get me in to another derm and please treat me before I have no face left.

I feel you pain hon, I too have children. My 9 year old just asked me tonight (I sometimes try to conceal my acne and cysts - good luck, looks like concealed big bumps), anyway she says "Mom whats that on your face?" I said "what do you mean?" She said "the red things." I said "pimples." She said "yea but the red part all around them, whats that?" Try to explain cystic acne to a 9 year old without feeling like a real winner. Bless my daughters soul, she was just asking, not meaning to hurt me.

So.............whoa, sorry for the long boring story or whatever it was.

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