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thanks for the answers! :)

right now i don't put anything on my face. i used to put retin a as my medication before but i already stopped it for a month now. i also don't put moisturizer and sunscreen on my face fearing i might break out from it. lol! i searched for eczema today and i think that's what i don't have (i hope so) it isn't raised or anthing. it's a flat rash/red patch that's somewhere from an inch long and a half inch wide and it doesn't itch SO bad (only bad, lol!) but it's to the point thats its so annoying and the red patch looked like i got a sunburn only on certain areas, lol! which is embarrassing. hmm i really think this is due to dried skin after washing, 'cause now 8 hours from washing, my face is already so oily and i don't experience any itching. i used to to use cetaphil before and it still dried my skin out and also caused some itching, that also goes to st. ives apricot scrub (thinking it might be the dead skin that's causing it but i don't think so). so do you think it's time to moisturize?

anymore help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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