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LOL, this is SO FUNNY. Although I agree good diet, drinking water and exercise will assist in clearing up your skin. It will not [B]CURE 99%[/B] of peoples Acne.

I have Acne and I was raised by a "hippy" mom and have had a "low glycemic" diet as you mention. (I was raised eating lentil soup, whole grains, and bean burgers). In addition I recently had my blood glucose levels tested and was in the lowest healthiest range. (95) This test is done after you drink some seriously high glycemic orange soda, to judge how well your body metabolizes that juice. So to get a good number, your body needs to produce an adequate amount of insulin, but not "spike" in a diabetic way.

Acne is attributed to Bacteria and Hormone (Androgen) levels because hormone levels cause your skin to produce more Sebum. Sebum serves as food to bacteria. I'm not even going to go into this because I assume most people on this board have researched causes of Acne.

In addition, steroid medications cause Acne as well. (Asthma is very common and inhalers to treat Asthma have Acne causing steroids in them).

I totally agree that diet and water will assist in making your skin beautiful. But it's a serious claim to say that 99% of Acne can be cured by not eating high glycemic foods. Potato's are a steady food for Irish, Pasta (not whole grain pasta) is a staple in an Italian diet, white rice is a staple in an Asian diet, and I haven't noticed that Irish, Italian and Asain's have a ton of Acne. In fact I believe you mentioned Acne is most common in the U.S. Yet all of these foods have high GI level.

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