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I am not a student, nor am i qualified in any academic fields concerning biology/dermatology etc. You can use google to verify or discredit my claims.

I am glad that you are going to try this diet however there are a few things you should also note:

1) I said bran flakes are okay but they aren't so scratch them
2) [U]Excercise[/U] is just as important as the diet, try to do low level excercise (cycling,fast walking) for the longest ammount of time you can sustain around 1hr a day. As i understand it the most benefical time for you to do this is after your last meal.
3) drink plenty water and dont starve yourself of food its important to eat plenty and often and dont starve yourself of carbs reducing them and eating the right ones will help but not eating any food group is very bad.
4) According to studies the [U]right[/U] fibre will help slow down the release of glucose to your bloodstream, psyllium husks is good fibre and may help you, however i have not used them and have no idea how they will affect you.

Because of GMF If you live in the US this diet may not be as effective.

If you do this diet/excercise then please state what you eat before and what you eat after, where you live and how old you are.
hey DAFT..i've been reading on your thread for awhile now..and i completely agree that diet is a major factor in your acne proof i have is that when i am in the college dorms, i have full access to unlimited salads, unlimited water, meats, fruits, the whole deal. And it is all freshly cooked by the cooks at my school. However, when i come home for the summer, my house sometimes runs out of fruit, we rarely eat salads, and we even run out of water sometimes (sad we're poor haha). And my acne is always better in the dorms. However i've been on this "Acne Cure" of yours for i'd say more than a week now. My diet has consisted ONLY of vegetables, meat, fruits, ive cut out all white rice intake, and i only drink water. And i take psyllium husks with twice daily. But it seems i still find myself having at least 2 new pimples come up every 2 days or so. I've never been able to get rid of my oily skin and i know it's a big factor in my acne. Do you know if your diet is supposed to reduce oil levels as well? I dunno i've tried so many things alrdy and i always feel like my acne is the only incurable one. Sigh i just wanna live a normal life. Anyway that's my deal.

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