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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi [COLOR=Magenta]DAFT[/COLOR] :wave: Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Yourself and [COLOR=Magenta]Iwillhelpyou[/COLOR] have opened my eyes to the Gylcemic Load. I can already see how it could be far more useful than the Glycemic [I]Index[/I]. However, like [COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], I fail to believe that Cheerios won't raise your blood-sugar level through the roof! Can you explain their inclusion on the "safe" list please? Also, like several others, I have to say that it would aid your argument to adopt a less abrasive tone. Even if you aren't breaking forum guidelines, at least bare in mind that there are people here who aren't accustomed to stronger language. Thank you :)

Anyway, as I said, I am intrigued by the concept of the Glycemic Load. I've never really trusted Glycemic Indices as a truly fair guide of what is and what's not safe to eat with regards to acne. And now I have reason not to! Case in point: I see that Macaroni Cheese has a relatively low [COLOR=DarkOrange]GI[/COLOR] of [COLOR=DarkOrange]47[/COLOR] but a whopping great [COLOR=Blue]GL[/COLOR] of [COLOR=Blue]30[/COLOR]. So whereas I might have eaten my pasta safe in the knowledge that its [COLOR=DarkOrange]GI[/COLOR] was almost as low as that of brown rice, I would have been far better off choosing the latter with it's [COLOR=Blue]GL[/COLOR] of [COLOR=Blue]23[/COLOR].

[COLOR=Magenta]CherryroseQT [/COLOR] makes the point that acne is affected by hormone levels. Of course, you'll point out that hormone levels increase in response to a rise in insulin. And the bacteria she also cites as a factor has for too long been given far too much consideration in the treatment of acne. We all have bacteria on our bodies; to get rid of it all is clinically impossible! As you have pointed out, antibiotics are a highly effective but very short-term solution to acne. Clearly, targetting bacteria is not the angle to take if one seeks to achieve long-term clarity in their skin.

I remarked yesterday in [COLOR=Magenta]Iwillhelpyou[/COLOR]'s thread that diet, clean, efficient digestion, and exercise are [I]possibly[/I] (I don't know all the answers and [B]never[/B] claim to!) a three-pronged attack against acne. I believe that each individual can develop a tailor-made solution to their acne using these three weapons. The problem is that acne sufferers are desperate for a quick fix to their plight and, ironically, it's these quick fixes (like anti-biotics, Retin A, accutane, BP...) that cause the most long-term damage and embed acne further into one's life. So please stick around and help everyone educate themselves further!


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