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smite please dont mistake my arrogance for pomposusity ;) (is that even a word)

As for kkpp he has roscea i think this is very different to say vulgaris, maybe what he says is good for roscea, i won't dispute this its foolish of me to dismiss his ideas about roscea when i have never had it. But its bollocks for bog standard acne. so is zinc and b5 and accutane and antibiotics and retin-a and benzol peroxide and oxy "oxygen" and every other product out there.

history, since 13 now 22 bad cysts, all over face, back, arms, even my arse so i get oxy, cleasil, and i wash and take advice of people then as i start agonising over acne i begin to notice patterns i used to love syrup on toast but i noticed i got lots of spots when i eat this and slowly i made the link to sugar and spots and as i started to cut it out my acne improved (slighty) but still not good so i go to doctor (read dealer) and get peroxide, retin-a, antibiotics, then of internet i get b5, zinc, magnesium, every vitamin and mineral under the sun. none of which work (antibiotics for a short period. Antibiotics have to be the most ridiculus solution to acne ever, you can stop body odur with antibiotics but its pretty ( [i]removed - do not use vulgar language on these message boards[/i] ) stupid.) as i get older i notice more and more patterns with food and cut them out until im eating a low-glycemic diet without knowing it, i have trained heavily on and off and i notice training helps acne and with this and my ad-hoc diet i was clearish for more than two years (clearish becuase i didn't realise potatoes and wasn't allways strict) then i start bulking via pasta and rice and potatoes and then it all comes back and and im on here and i see someone saying pasta is bad and then i think ohhhhh pasta and i make the link with glucose intolerance via google and then read a high-glycemic food list and it reads like all the foods i cant eat + potatoes. then look for insulin and acne and it explains the science behind it.

I wont be sticking around as i dont have acne anymore.


maybe you are one of the few that this doesn't apply to if so i am sorry if i have offended you. 99% is a big claim would you prefer it if i said 80%, 70% who cares for most people if you do it and do it right then it will work.

I'm not going to explain the science of how insulin raises DHT its all on google

//Potato's are a steady food for Irish, Pasta (not whole grain pasta) is a staple in an Italian diet, white rice is a staple in an Asian diet, and I haven't noticed that Irish, Italian and Asain's have a ton of Acne. In fact I believe you mentioned Acne is most common in the U.S. Yet all of these foods have high GI level//

that statement is irrelevant and stupid. to say the irish eat a lot of potatoes is as bad as saying chinkychonky china man eats lots of rice and uptight social repressed english man eats lots of roast beef and cowardly french surrender monkey's eat loads of onions.

Choclate bars, cocacola and crisps are a stapel in the diet of many people and
neither do they get acne. your genes will determine your tollerence to high-glycemic food, then high-glycemic food plus low tolerance = acne. except in your case apparently.

its very late here 3am so sorry i had to rush this and poor grammer and spelling.

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