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I have been using it about 3 weeks after reading the reviews from another board. It's working really well. It felt like sand paper at first, but I know it's going to take something more harsh to sand away at my scars. I am very pleased so far with my results.
Is Microdermx like Epidermx? Are these two separate products or are people using the name interchangeably????
I just checked it out. Another microdermabrasion cream very similar to Epidermx. It's like $50 a jar, a lot more than Epidermx. I got my Epidermx in the mail 2 days ago and used it once. So far so good, i love it.
can i use that kind of thing while on accutane or do i wait? and where can i find it?
If you research on the old threads on Epidermx, people seemed to suggest that any microdermabrasion scrubs shouldn't be used while you are on accutane. The instructions I got with the Epidermx says that it can be used as a microdermabrasion treatment 2 or 3 times a week, i.e. getting the dead skin cells come off, OR as an mild exfoliant everyday. Maybe you can use it as an exfoliant. I think this Microdermx is the same - i just looked it up on the web and its descriptions about the scrub and corundum crystals are very similar to those about Epidermx.
My friend who used both said that Epidermx quality was not as good and that it was more watery than microdermx. Try them both to see which you like better. You usually get what you pay for!

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