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I am 14 (15 in Jan. 28) and a fresman at highschool, and i have had acne since I was in 4th grade (9 years old then, that's 5 years!)

It started out just those sweat bumps under my bangs but by 5h grade they were full fledged pimples and I struggled from teasing. by 6th grade it spreaked to the 'T' zone and was just very red and embrassing until 8th grade where it began spreading to my right cheek. Also it has gotten to my shoulders and back REALLY BAD, not red, but tons of bumps on my shoulders that are really embrassing, so much so I haven't gone to the beach since then.

I have tried every kind of skin stuff you can think of, my mom even went out and got me that Proactiv stuff (which did NOTHING but dry my skin out!) and basically up till now I have been struggling with a mild case of acne I can almost sense getting worse. I don't want to sit around and wait for it to spread to my left cheek and just get worse from there (cysts and stuff, I've had them on my chin tons of times and certainly don't want them on my CHEEKS!) please help, my mom says she will take me to a derm. if this is what I really want and I have spent the betterpart of this week researching stories of success (for optimism) cures for the common alignments you mgiht suffer from (bloody nose, etc) and so on.

But should I really do it? I understand this is a gigantic risk, but I feel the rewards of no longer looking in a mirror in disgust far outweight that.
Please have some input, I really can't take 3 more years!

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