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Hi guys,
After waiting and waiting and trying other things, I have finally decided that it's about time to go ahead and take the accutane course. I am out of school, so will be nearer to home. It's summer, so it won't be as strange to have moisturizer on all the time. It's going to be a little difficult to completely stop drinking beer this summer, as we usually enjoy to sit by the pool with a corona or two.

Please post your wisdom in this thread - What to use on my face, vitamins to take, anything and everything you can tell me.

I plan on starting on a small course until this so called "initial breakout" has happened or something. Any how, I plan to start small and then gradually take more until I am done.

I have moderate acne, mostly red marks and such from acne that is gone or harboring under my skin until it gets ready to annoy me again. My acne is usually red bumps (cystic) and sometimes I get whiteheads that come out of those red bumps. I usually get pretty oily, especially in the summer. I want to get rid of this bulls-hit because it is affecting me in everything I do.

I plan to put aquaphor on my lips all the time, drink lots of water, put saline drops up my nose, take Vit E and C (although I have a multivitamin that I take, could that take care of this?) -

Please add whatever else you can tell me that will be helpful.

Thanks, I'll be checking regularly. And when I start I will be sure to provide you with an accutane journal.

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