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Hi:-) I'm new here. Did anybody has an Erbium Laser on acne scars? I had it 4 days ago and now i'm sitting with brown thick skin and I start peel off awful:-). It was not painless, I felt like somebody put the needles in my face very fast After that I looked like very bad sunburnt, Very very bad. I didn't have all face done, but upper part of face and some spots on cheeks, one on nose. I have to put Vaseline or other ointments on face until it peels off. I had these ointments in my hair even:-) I cannot wait to look my new skin! My scars were shallow I Think, four was deeper form chickenpox. Doc. said that I need three Erbium , the next after 3 months and next after 3 follow months. Anybody of you has some experience with Erbium Laser on acne scars? If yes, please, write, I'd be greateful. If you want me to descibe my progress ( if will be....) I 'll be writing of course.
Sorry for my Eng but it's not my first language but I hope you understand:-)
Hi Mrovkaa, I have'nt had Erbium Laser done but I have often thought about getting it done, I'm just too scared! I would love to hear how it goes for you so please keep us posted.
Hi Mrovkaa,
Thanks for your really detailed post. My sister got IPL laser treatment, although she does not have acne scars she had very bad red markings on her face and it took about 4-5 treatments before she saw results, she had one treatment a month. I have to say she looks good. Perhaps it takes time for results to be seen. Hope it's working out for you.
Hi:) I't 8-th day after and I think I start to see improvement:-) Scars are definitely soften. They seems to be smaller and shallower. Rest of my face is very smooth, no zits, no pimples, no spots.
Pageaday , thanks for hope:-) Doc said that the improvement will be going slowly but I am not patient:-) Now I see the different. We'll see, what will happen next few days:-)

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