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Hi Knick,

As far as I know, a post acne mark usually refers to a pink,red, or brown mark (depending on one's skin tone) that is left after the pimple has gone. A scar can either be hypopigmentation, which is a lack of pigment that is usually caused from lots of picking of a zit, especially to the scab. This can occur in both dark or light skinned people, but is more noticable is those who have darker skin because of the contrast. Sometimes the hypopigmentation is a temporary condition and blends in with the rest of the skin, but more times than not, it is a permanent scar. Then there is hyperpigmentation, which is a darkening of the pigment where the pimple once was. The hyperpigmentation is usually a darkish red, brown. It tends to fade over 6-12 months depending on the person and depending on how much sun exposure s/he has had. REAL scars are considered to be the ice pick, rolling scars, and pock marks, in which after the pimple is gone, or after one has picked at his/her acne, indentations are left. Sometimes these indents are shallow, while other times, they are quite deep. Depending on the superficiality of depth of the scar, one takes certain measures to reduce or totally eliminate them. More the more superficial scars like hyperpigmentation and SOME VERY shallow ice pick scars, lightening lotions, such as Hydroquinone might do the trisk. other times, microdermabrasion tends to be of much help, however, based on many posts on this board, the home microdermabrasion system, such as Epidermex, seem to do a better job that what's being done of the salons. Also, chemical peels, such as Glycolic acid peels, and the Blue peel are sometimes helful with hyperpigmented scars or the more shallow ice pick scars. After the peel, which WILL sting, there is some redness, and depending of the depth of the peel, peeling as well. There is a risk of scarring if one picks at the flakes or tans in the sun. For very deep rolling scars, lasers, such as the Erbium and YAG are the procedures of choice. in which a dermatologist or plastic surgeon uses pulses of laser (light) over certain portions of the face, or sometimes the entire face. People report the feeling as being similar to a rubberband rubbing across their face. After the procedure, the person experiences a major redenning of the face, and in the upcoming days, depending on the laser that was used, peeling of the skin. A person is advised to STAY OUT OF THE SUN, and never pick off the flakes, as this can lead to scarring.Depending on one's skin tone, the dermatologist or plastic surgeon will chose the laser that is safe and appropriate. With the laser procedure there is a risk of scarring of hyperpigmentation. A more evasive procedure called Dermabrasion is also done for very deep scarring as very, in which an anasthetic is used and a plastic surgeon somehow removes a layer of skin from the person's face. This is a dangerous procedure, and there is a risk of scarring if not done properly, if the patient picks off his/her flakes, or if the pateitn doesn't take care of his/her skin in the longterm. That means, NO SUN OR TANNING. It is important to keep in mind that with ALL of these procedures, from the seemingly safe and minor scar removal of skin lightening lotions to the more drastic, evasive, and serious procedure of dermabrasion, the skin becomes MORE sensitive since it tends to thin so one must be very careful and take care of his/her skin. All of these procedures should be done only AFTER one has ridden him/herself of the acne, because if the acne still exists, it would be a constant battle of first getting rid of the acne, then the marks, then if the acne comes back, it'll be back to square one, not to mention some serious damage caused to the skin. I hope this proved to be of some help, and best of luck!

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