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Hi everyone...
Well, if you don't know my story, I'm 25, female, and have mild-moderate acne. I've tried it all. My last effort has been using retin-a nightly for the past 14 months, along with doxycycline and generic ortho tri-cyclen. My acne definitely improved (for awhile, I was almost completely clear), but the past couple months my skin has gone downhill fast (probably due to antibiotic resistance). Anyways...I was just wondering if anyone with "mild" acne has been able to get a prescription for Accutane. Also, I've heard a lot about different doses of Accutane-- is this based purely on weight, or does the severity of the acne matter? Also, if I were to start Accutane, is it possible to continue using Retin-a for maintenance (and for other skin concerns like scars/wrinkles)? Any info. would be appreciated.
Hi Peachy,

I was just prescribed 40 mg daily (5 month treatment) for my mild acne... it took two attempts for me to try and convince my derm to put me on it (this will be my second course) but finally he caved. I weigh 105 -110 pounds depending on how well my diet is going. He soley took into account my weight and height when configuring what dosage I needed to be on.

Using Retin-A and Accutane at the same time would be detrimental to your skin. If you haven't read about the affects of Accutane, I suggest you do some research b/c although I personally have never had any complications, it has the potential of some serious side effects. However, I still think it's a miracle drug and if acne is affecting you that badly then talk to you derm about it :)
Thanks for the info. I've been coming to this board for quite some time, and have learned a lot about accutane. I understand that it's a serious drug, and that it can have very harmful effects. I'm at my wits end though. I feel as though I've tried everything, and want clear skin SO badly. I have an appointment with a new derm next month, so hopefully he'll give me a prescription. If anyone could clarify how using retin-a cream while taking Accutane can be harmful, i'd love to hear about it (i've been using retin-a for 14 months now, so my skin has adjusted to it). Perhaps after the accutane run was finished I could re-start using retin-a at night? Any ideas??
The Accutane will make your skin extremely fragile, thin, and sensitive. Using the Retin-A on top of taking Accutane could cause your skin to peel BIG TIME, become inflammed, and overall just hinder the healing process of Accutane. Basically, Accutane is just like Retin-A only it is taken internally instead of applied topically... Accutane is so strong, there is really no need to be using anything else on top of it. After your course is through, you could probably start up the Retin-A again if you wanted to for maintenance purposes.

Right now, I am going into day 8 of 40 mg daily, and my skin is becoming drier and a little peely on my nose. I picked a little piece of skin off today and now I have a bright red sore spot where I peeled.. (just so you can get an idea just HOW sensitive your skin will become!) That is why it is recommened you don't use any harsh soaps/topicals while on Accutane, b/c that will just cause major problems. In fact, during my first course of Accutane, I applied some Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment that I had always used prior to Accutane.. well, the next morning, I literally had scabs everywhere I had spot treated..almost like little burns that took forever to go away. So anyways, yeah, and that was with just a 5% solution.. I can't even imagine using Retin-A while on it!

Well anyways sorry for the long post, hope you get the answers you are looking for and good luck with everything :-)
im taking accutane.. 21 years old... mild yet very porsistant acne...

i got my prescription because i had tried everything and nothing worked.. im tired of it all and it was bringing my life down. so here i am, just over 2 weeks in. check out my journal for more info.

good luck

i take two 40mg pills per day.

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