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[QUOTE=SweetJade1]Hmm, I got rid of most of my body acne with the same diet that helped my face. While my skin shows signs of me "cheating" more often than my body does (very rare), if I consume Corn Syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrup or Nuts I will see an increase in not just body acne, but usually cystic acne on my body. Are you avoiding these ingredients? What about dairy? What about wheat? Consume much trans fats?

I definately wouldn't give up because you ARE seeing results for you face, so the question is, what else can you do to help your skin? What is your current diet like? Do you exercise? Did you ever take antibiotics specifically to treat acne, and if so, how long were you taking them? Does acne run in your family? Are their any health problems or hormonal disorders that you have or your family that are also associated with the possibility of acne as symptom? Of course, what are you washing your body with?

Best wishes[/QUOTE]

I am not good at sticking to a 100% clean diet, but I am definitely doing better. I splurge often enough that I know it hinders progress significantly, but as far as my "regular" diet goes, I eat mostly egg whites, whole hard boiled eggs, steel cut oats with ground flax seeds, barley, rice occasionally(it's rice that still has what I think is the shell still on, and it's all brown and black, not white), cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, green and red peppers, celery, avocados, apples, kiwi, onions, almonds and brazil nuts, salmon, sardines, beef, yogurt(plain organic full fat), and whey protein sometimes. That's pretty much all that makes up my normal diet. Most days include something they shouldn't though, like a beer, or a few chocolate/caramel candies, or some marshmallows. Some days I'll just splurge by eating too much of my normal foods. All that is to say, I still have some disciplining of myself to do.

I do exercise. I am pretty fit and relatively muscular. 6'1" and about 180-185 lbs. My body acne got a lot worse early this year when I was drinking post-workout shakes with two scoops of whey protein, with frozen berries and too much ice cream. My diet also wasn't as clean then. Sucks to have a decent body only to have it ruined by acne.

Never have taken antibiotics. Have taken some prescription cremes, but that was over 8 years ago(I'm 23 now). I don't want to take anything, as I know that is not a real solution. All my brothers had/have acne to some extent, but body wise, I have the worst by far. Parents of course didn't have acne, because they grew up in a time when the american diet was much better.

I wash my body with soap and a sponge made from a gourd specially processed to yield a stringy sponge type object. The soap does not have any crazy ingredients in it.

I am so inconsistent in all the things I have mentioned above though, that I can't blame any one thing for acne yet. I have just reached the point now where I HAVE to clean up my diet, or I will go crazy. I no longer have the freedom to be a regular splurger.

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