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[QUOTE=Andrew29]I truely believe that I have the most persistent case of acne on this planet. I have recently added Differin and Capsiderm face wash (online product) to my list of failed products. Other failed medications include: Retisol-A, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Steiva-A, Tazorac, Actinac, Benzamycin, Erythmycin, Clindamycin, Tetracycline x2, Minocycline x2, Proactiv (online product), Acuzine (online product), various vitamins (including B5 and MSM), various OTC face washes, glycolic acid solution, and of course Accutane x5. I've also changed my diet considerably, including drinking a lot more water, which overall made a small improvement. I recently started the digestive cleanse (see other thread on this board).

My acne is hereditary from my dad. I'm hoping that maybe that there is an underlying cause that is causing my acne. Why do I hope that? Treating this underlying problem may cure my acne. Because treating the acne alone has had a success rate of about 2%. So what other acne-causing problems exist that I should ask my doctor about. I've read somewhere about an endocrinologist checking hormones? I've also heard of thyroid problems? Someone please help me.[/QUOTE]


Try some low doses of Spironolactone: check early post's by Joeh.

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